Can Whiskey Prevent Covid 19?


The World Health Organization has warned that drinking alcohol not only won’t prevent the Corona Virus but can even increase your risk of contracting it. With that said, one top German virologist, Dr. Juergen Rissland, has gone on record recommending that whiskey can actually help prevent contracting the dread disease.

While appearing on a German Language morning show, the good doctor when asked if alcohol consumed could help resist infection of a virus one may encounter proclaimed “Yes, of course, that’s true, and the higher the percentage of alcohol, the better it is. For example, if you are a whisky lover, then that certainly isn’t a bad idea,” he continued, while offering this bit of sage advice to pace yourself: “But of course you need to bear in mind that you can’t do that every 15 minutes, that is something else to consider.”

After being prodded a little further by the show’s hosts who asked him if he was really suggesting that folks drink high-proof alcohol, Dr. Rissland laughed. “I would like to say it can’t hurt, but in the end, it is definitely not a panacea. For God’s sake, you shouldn’t get me wrong here. I just wanted to make the point that the virus is vulnerable to high-proof alcohol, because it has an outer layer made of fat, and high proof alcohol destroys the virus. And one would need to drink quite a lot to get any sort of protection from infection.”

As a matter of fact, at the direction of the CDC we spray surfaces with an alcohol disinfectant that is at a minimum 60% alcohol. Before you reached that level of alcohol in your bloodstream, you would be long past caring about the dangers of Covid 19!

But if worse comes to worst, Professor Sam Ahmedzai of the UK says that “…more should be done to comfort terminally ill people in their final hours, including turning a blind eye to families sneaking in hip flasks – or even offering them a “tipple.”

It’s hard to know who to listen to these days concerning Covid 19 – no mask? one mask? 2? 3? Our advice? Protect yourself, be reasonable and don’t believe everything you hear from a guy with “Dr.” in front of his name

So we’ll take his advice with a good sense of humor… and probably a shot of whiskey. or two.