Bourbon and Beyond?


Last week, Mens Best Guide had a chance to meet with Maureen Valker with Danny Wimmer presents. 

You may think our near-obsession with BOURBON informs our interest in the Bourbon and Beyond music festival here in Louisville. Au contraire mon fre’er! Bourbon is only part of the story. An interesting part, an important part, a fun part….well, most of the story. But music! Well, music looms large as well. 

All that to say that due to the uncertainties of our current situation, Bourbon and Beyond has been canceled for 2021.

HOWEVER, our love of great music AND bourbon was fully satisfied by the news that Louder Than Life is on AND is scheduled for an extra day!  America’s largest rock music festival has added a Thursday night celebration event to kick-off the weekend and all fans that have previously deferred will receive the 4th night for free!

As you may know, we fans have been affectionately dubbed LOUDMOUTHS and we have been exactly that – to our good fortune. After the bad luck these past 2 seasons of Bourbon and Beyond, and owing to popular demand, not only has Danny Wimmer Productions stayed to course with Louisville, but they have doubled down by making this year’s offering even better.

One of the big questions has been – will Metallica return this year? That answer is still pending, but I will tell you that Danny Wimmer is partnering with Blackened Whiskey which, as you may know, is owned by….Metallica. If this is news to you, you can catch up right here on MensBestGuide.com

Anyway – the point is that we think DM Presents may have an inside track to sign on Metallica for the LTL festival. But we’ll have to wait and see.

We’ll keep you updated here as news is released and we look forward to a return to normalcy after covid with one of the best events on the Louisville Calendar – LOUDER THAN LIFE!