A Thousand Words


 A thousand words in one picture…

On a different time line we would look at this picture and say “poor fella, I hope he gets better soon” or “I will keep him in my prayers.  In public the individual would be frowned upon or felt sorry for. Treated like a plague, people would pass by with an awkward grin, dodging any chance of contact or locking eyes.

Welcome to the “new norm”. If we’re not isolated at home by self quarantine, we’re out practicing social distancing by dodging one another in hopes to be coronavirus free. If you’re out and about, don’t even think about getting to close to one’s bubble and crossing that 6ft rule line that has been imaginarily drawn on the ground. If someone coughs, better run for the hills! Oh, and the toilet paper… We all know about the toilet paper…

Fairly new in this game of the unknown and the strategies of flattening the curve, we reflect on the fact that in just a month and half ago we really had no idea that our lives would be flipped and turned upside down. Like myself, most of us are still living in denial and haven’t truly accepted that things may never fully return to normal. The Coronavirus Covid-19 has stripped our freedom and our way of life as we all know it..

By now, most of us are beginning to realize what we actually had..
I’m not talking about the luxuries, but the simplicity. The simple things in life that we had forgotten to appreciate. Like going on a coffee run and seeing a friend or meeting and interacting with new people. Going to church on Sunday to freely worship. A visit with your loved ones, hugging someone dear to you or extending a firm handshake out of appreciation and respect. Scoring a mutual high five with the fella next to you in celebration of the game winning shot on the flat screen at a local sports bar. How about the convenience of getting a haircut? Not anymore.. What about a secure job and steady income? And most importantly, our health and well being.. Most of us have lived a life of total oblivion, thinking we are invincible with no worries or concept of what our reality would be like without all of those things we see as fit and all the things we took for granted on a daily basis.

In a progressive and ever changing world, we need not forget our history and what it can potentially help teach us in our efforts of battling this invisible invader. And much like it’s nasty virus, fear has also swept through this nation and countries around the world, stealing our hope and our joy. It has shaken, bruised and battered us all but it has not broken us. As we now face crucial times and possibly enduring months ahead, we must keep the faith and remember that we all in this together and together we will rise again.