Ranch Road Boots



There are a few things, depending on where you live in this country, that are viewed as something akin to a holy grail: An American muscle car in the south, A Macinaw in the northeast, a great hunting rifle in the plains states,  and a convertible in California.

Texas also has two of those things – cowboy hats and boots. But in West Texas the wind can blow a hat off your head so fast you’ll never see it again. No, today we’re talking about the last thing you take off before you die – your boots

In Texas, a great pair of handmade boots are required equipment once one reaches the age of majority.

RANCH ROAD was born out of love for freedom and the great American West. Having launched in January of 2012, the brand has quickly evolved from its modest custom boot-making roots in Texas to a Ready-to-Wear collection sold direct-to-consumer through the company’s website.  

Future plans for growth include premium wholesale distribution (Fall 2019). Ranch Road Boots are handcrafted in Spain. Each boot is crafted from start to finish by expert boot-makers who use traditional boot lasts, Goodyear welt construction, cork foot beds, and the highest quality leathers from small tanneries in the mountains of Spain.

In addition to being extremely durable, these leathers are prized for their unique character that develops with daily use and abuse, creating a distinct patina specific to each pair. There are over 250 steps to make each pair of Ranch Road boots—most of these are done by hand.

You can also call for Ranch Road to bring in their Boot Saloon. Boot Saloons are a mobile Ranch Road Boots pop-up-shop. These horse trailers entered this world almost 40 years ago. Each one is a travelling retail space to view the boots, fit customers, offer style guidance, and enjoy the best country tunes.

Reservations are available for events. Call them 325-277-0057 or email info@ranchroadboots.com for details and booking.  information. 

Founded by Sarah Ford, a San Angelo native, a former Marine, and a Harvard Business School Grad, the brand is deeply rooted in her unique path.  From spurs to combat boots, Sarah served in Iraq, Afghanistan and 29 Palms. Paying homage to her years of Marine Corps service, Sarah donates proceeds from every purchase to the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund and has a program making boots for amputees.