This Beer Was Brewed Two Weeks From Now, IPA


Great Flood This Beer Was Brewed Two Weeks From Now IPA


One thing I can always count on when I settle in at the bar at Great Flood Brewing Company: There will always be a good selection of IPAs.

Whether it’s the flagship Find-a-Way IPA or something experimental or up-and-coming, I’m never disappointed. Nor was I when I stopped in recently and tried the brewery’s This Beer Was Brewed Two Weeks from Now IPA. Obviously, the name was what attracted me up front, but this ode to uber-freshness was not exactly a deterrent.


Poured into my Flood Liars Club mug (I still think beer tastes better from glass, but I’m taking advantage of my membership, regardless), the beer had a nice, floral nose, with plenty of citrus quality, thanks to an interesting blend of Ekuinot, Calypso and Mandarina hops.

The sunny flavors paid off on the palate, and while the beer’s description calls it “juicy,” this one doesn’t approach the juiciness of the ever-popular Northeast IPAs – which is to say, if you like you IPAs with a bitter punch at the end, you’ll like this one. And it’s in a sweet spot at 60 IBUs and 6.5 percent alcohol by volume, so enjoy, guys.