Jamberson Handmade Candles


I’m not the guy you would think to give a scented candle as a gift. Not because I am SO manly no one would imagine I would like it, but because few would imagine I would have the refined olfactory sense to appreciate the delicate scents of flowers, herbs and fruits. 

Not so! Like most people, my sense of smell evokes feelings, memories and connections far easier than any other sense, and as such, we are attracted and revolted by odors with an intensity that even vision cannot match. Perhaps this is why Jamberson’s byline is “The world stinks, we help”.

My daughter-in-law gave me a black tea and moss scented candle for Christmas and no one imagined that I would burn that thing every day until it was consumed. I even surprised myself! 

Jamberson’s claim to fame, and the attraction to us was the development and release of some “men-centric” scents – Bourbon, Boots and ‘Backey.

These candles are not for the faint of heart. They don’t simply “suggest” with a whif of their namesakes, but offer a full-throated (so to speak) experience. “Bourbon”, like your first nose before a sip, “Leather Boots” like stepping into a bridle shop and “pipe Tobackey” like walking by a western Kentucky burley barn, smoking in the fall. 

Do you know these odors? Do they take you to another place? They do for me and I love living with them on my own terms and when I wish to engage with them. Let me interject here that James Strickland, the owner of Jamberson has taken great pains and has not spared effort or expense in re-creating these scents with utter accuracy.

He and his wife Amber, the scent scientist of the team,  have set up a lab for research and development as well as production. I cannot stress enough how blown away you will be to put your nose to a new pair of handmade boots when you light this candle.  “Bourbon” has real bourbon in it, The coffee candle actually has more coffee beans in it than a pot of coffee. Leather Boots? I didn’t ask, but that would be tough. The hand blended essential oils will have done the job quite well.

Jamberson’s is now on the Bourbon Trail and represented in 11 different outlets in the country. They are currently talking to some “big box” stores as well. 

I’ve only scratched the surface of the offerings from this young entrepreneur. Check the website for their room sprays, salves, bath bombs, soaps and other great home goods. You can purchase any of their products online.

Check out this Louisville business the next time you are looking for “Louisville-flavored” corporate or personal gifts, ESPECIALLY for men, but women will love them as well.