Trunk Club for Men


…find your fashion muse in a personal stylist

Clothing certainly DOES NOT make the man as the old saying wrongly promises , but it absolutely “brands” the man. It tells the world who lives in those clothes, what he values, how he thinks of himself and others, what he cares about and what is important to him.

So it’s particularly frustrating if you want to convey all those things to your business colleagues, customers and clients, but you just don’t have that innate sense of fashion some people possess and use to great effect. (What would happen if I actually wore a bow tie to work Monday)? How great would it be to have a personal stylist to put it all together for you?

I may have your answer….

Trunk Club for Men is a website with just such a mission, and the service costs you nothing. When you sign up you’ll complete a style survey with personal style preferences, lifestyle information, sizes,  personal body characteristics and other pertinent information.

Through this survey, they will assign you a personal stylist who will discuss your goals and objectives with you further. From this interview, your stylist will put together suggestions for you selected from some of the 70 brands they carry such as A.G., Rag & Bone, Theory, Ferragamo, and Eton, as well as their custom clothing program which clothing can be designed and fitted to you perfectly. (You can switch stylists at any time, by the way).

You can peruse some of their clothing here: www.trunkclub.com/blog or download their iphone app.

After selecting the items you want, and viewing them online, they will be shipped to you at no cost and you will be able to try them on,  see, feel and experience them in your own home for up to 10 days, then simply return the items you don’t want (again, free of charge) and the clothing you keep will be charged to your credit card on day 11.

Additionally, you can visit one of their clubs in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas or Washington DC to meet with your stylist in person, shop or be measured for alterations or custom clothing. As a matter of fact, a visit to one of the clubs is an adventure in itself. The Chicago club boasts: “when you visit, you’ll find a 40-foot bar stocked with complimentary beer, wine, and spirits, 20 comfortable fitting lounges to relax in during your appointment, and a 5,000-square-foot roof deck overlooking the Chicago skyline”.

Check their website for great fashion advise as well with valuable information such as “The Six Essentials”, “Perfecting Your Business Casual Attire” and more: https://www.trunkclub.com/mens/latest

Trunk Club for Men is not for everyone. Their clothing is high end and the prices are manufacturer’s suggested retail. They don’t offer sales or discounts, but customer service is paramount and they take their service very seriously. This is not a marketing ploy to move more clothing. They see themselves as partners in your personal success.

In a city like ours where people tend to judge you by your style and fashion sense, this could be the best stop on the web that you make today.