9 Outside-the-box Father’s Day Gifts


Got an extraordinary dad? Don’t give him another bright green polo or a new putter. Get him something that says “I know you and I love you”  What kind of dad do you have?

Maybe one of these out-of-the-ordinary gifts will say what you want on Fathers Day this year. But BEWARE – you are resetting the bar for your brothers and sisters and for yourself NEXT year!


Copper & Kings Ideal Bartender School

Copper & Kings has launched the third year of The Ideal Bartender School. The Butchertown distillery will offer two informational open houses on June 11 and July 2 before the program starts in August. 

The 15-week course teaches the essentials of hospitality, spirits education, cocktail creation, bartending skills and techniques. The Ideal Bartender School will meet from 6-9 p.m. on Tuesdays beginning Aug. 6 to Nov. 5 at the distillery in Butchertown, 1121 E Washington St.

Those interested can attend the free open house events at Copper & Kings to meet the educators and previous students, ask questions and fill out an application on June 11 and July 2 from 6-9 p.m. Applicants for the program must be at least 21 years old and submit an application by July 3, available at www.idealbartenderschool.com or at the distillery.

The Ideal Bartender program originally launched in 2017 coinciding with the 100th anniversary of publication of Tom Bullock’s “The Ideal Bartender” cocktail book. The first African-American to write a cocktail book and a Louisville native, Copper & Kings seeks to honor Bullock’s legacy by providing a training program to encourage diversity in bartending. Several past graduates work at Copper & Kings’ award-winning bar, ALEX&NDER.


Kentucky Bourbon School at Kentucky Castle

A quality Bourbon can contain over 200 flavors divided into five primary categories:
Grains, tree (wood and nut), sweet, spice, botanical (primarily fruit and floral)

Like fine wine, it takes palate education and practice to learn to detect the subtle and nuanced aromas and flavors of a complex Bourbon.

This course explores the basics of Bourbon sensory analysis by looking at the fundamentals of sensory analysis in general and the application of sensory analysis to Bourbon specifically.

The Kentucky Castle’s Bourbon-Steward-In-Residence (& Bourbon industry insider) Tim Knittel will guide you through:
• The five types of flavor receptors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savory/umami
• The myth of the ‘five regions’ of the tongue
• Mouthfeel: astringency, hotness, coldness and fattiness
• Aromatic “taste” and taste bud vs olfactory sensation
• Resetting (baselining) sensory perception
• Orthonasal vs retronasal breathing and the post-swallowing volatile congeners release
• Finish/after-taste
• Dilution and industry-standard A.B.V. evaluation levels
• Use of aromatic and culinary aids in Bourbon flavor identification
• Spirit “prototypes” and relative evaluation

The bourbon pour list for this class is a secret!

After training your palate, we’ll have a blind tasting! You’ll try to determine grain bill, yeast strain type, maturation length and proof to determine category and match to prototype.

Date And Time

Sun, June 23, 2019

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM EDT


The Kentucky Castle

230 Pisgah Pike

Versailles, KY 40383

Tickets are available for:

Wednesday, June 12 at 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
or Sunday, June 23 at 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

This class is part of their year-long “Kentucky Bourbon School” (previously Bourbon University) led by Bourbon-Steward in Residence Tim Knittel of Distilled Living with a new theme offered each month. They will be the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Sunday all year. No need to attend them all – mix and match as you like!

$35 per person, class includes guided bourbon flight and light food.

Dinner reservations at Castle Farm Restaurant available for after the class by calling (859) 256-0322 or visiting https://www.thekentuckycastle.com/eat-drink.


Kentucky Castle Interactive Mystery Dinner

Enjoy an evening on the Rooftop of The Kentucky Castle with an Interactive Mystery Dinner Theatre performance! Enjoy a buffet dinner on the Roof prepared by our award-winning chef. Guests who solve the mystery will compete to win a free night’s stay!

“Belles, Bourbon & Belladonna!” The Castle Family has been distilling bourbon in Kentucky since 1878. Woodson Everett Castle Jr., the owner, is now dying of cancer. He has three daughters and a son. Unwilling to leave the business in the hands of his daughters, he is also worried about his son who is more interested in chasing booze, women, horse, and cards. So he has laid down the law to his son – straighten up and get married in the next 90 days and the distillery will be his. Now the son has brought home a fiancee and there are many who are unhappy about this turn of events!

If inclement weather, this event will be held in the Castle Ballroom or Greenhouse.

If you have dietary restrictions, we are happy to let you know which foods you can safely eat. Please email Mary@thekentuckycastle.com.

If you would like to be seated with someone who purchased tickets under a different name, please email Mary@thekentuckycastle.com.

There is no dress code at The Kentucky Castle, however, the majority of mystery dinner guests wear business casual attire.

Additional Option: To make a reservation at the boutique hotel, you may call (859) 256-0322 or visit https://app.littlehotelier.com/properties/thekentuckycastledirect.

This event is best suited for guests 16 years and over

Questions? mary@thekentuckycastle.com

Date and Time

Mon, August 5, 2019

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT


The Kentucky Castle

230 Pisgah Pike

Versailles, KY 40383


Paint a Barrel Head at Ethereal Brewery

Show dad how much you love him and come paint a bourbon barrel head with him!

Celebrate Father’s day at Ethereal Brewery from 2pm- 4pm. Below are the options for the class:

-$70 for 21″ Barrel Head

-$45 for 10″ x 21″ half barrel head

To participate, purchase a ticket for one of the following items listed below. Once your ticket has been purchased, please email your design as soon as you can!

Below are the options for the class:

-$70 for 21″ Barrel Head

-$45 for 10″ x 21″ half barrel head

You will be provided the following items: paint brushes, 15+ paint color options Danish oil to stain and seal your wood item. A stencil will already be placed on your item so you will be ready to paint and have fun as soon as you arrive!

Click here to select stencil design.

Tickets must be purchased not later than 72 hours before start of event. Stencil designs must be emailed to mhyerdesign@gmail.com no later than 48 hours before the start of the event. Please provide the following:

Date And Time

Sun, June 16, 2019

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT


Ethereal Brewing

1224 Manchester Street

Lexington, KY 40504


The Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship

Your Home for High Stakes Season Long Fantasy Football

The Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship is one of the best fantasy football experiences available. Sharpen your skills with the best players in the game, compete at the highest level, and collect the spoils of victory in one or more of our many leagues.

These live draft events are the largest fantasy football drafts outside of Las Vegas and they’re within a day’s drive of more than half of the United States. If you want to BE the best, you have to BEAT the best. Answer the challenge and stake your claim to the title of Champion of the KFFSC

The KFFSC offers several mid season leagues for players who want to draft throughout the year. These leagues offer prizes packages including round trip airfare and hotel for the 2018 KFFSC Main Event, entry in the KFFSC 2018 Main Event, round trip airfare and hotel for the FFPC’s Main Event weekend in Las Vegas, and entry into the highest stake league the KFFSC has to offer; The Big Payback.

Coming to Louisville to Draft Live with us in Louisville? Book your room through this link in order to get the KFFSC group rate and save as much as possible on your stay at the Horseshoe Casino & Hotel Southern Indiana


Paintball Battle Royale

Bring dear ol’ dad out for some fun this Father’s Day for the first official Father’s Day Paintball Battle Royale!

Each team will pair up for an Ultimate Battle Royale paintball competition, hosted at the Paint Asylum’s 40 acre wooded arena. The winning Father/Son duo will receive a $100 gift card for a delicious steak dinner !

Father’s Day Team Entry Tickets Include:

– Admission for two players (10+) *See side note.

– All Paintball gear: gun, paintballs, protective gear, etc. for two players

– 1 Digital Photo.. cause pics or it didn’t happen right?!?

– A chance to win a $100 gift card

– Organized play, refreshments, and a whole lotta fun!

Early Bird Tickets are available for discounted admission

Get yourself in gear, and be ready to battle until the last team is standing!

Date And Time

Sat, June 15, 2019

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT



Paintball Asylum

3101 Pond Station Road

Louisville, KY 40272


Kaviar Forge Blacksmith Classes

Knife Class for Veterans (must be a veteran to participate)

Saturday, June 8, 2019 | 9:00am – 5:00pm
Tuition: $205 (includes all materials)

Kaviar Forge is honoring a request from a former student and veteran who has found the physical and creative act of forging to be extremely helpful in adjusting to civilian life. He has asked that we dedicate a class just for veterans, hoping to symbolically forge swords into plowshares. This healing workshop for veterans will teach the skills of blacksmithing through the creation of railroad spike knives. ​

Beginner Blacksmith Class: 

July 13 – 14, 2019 | Sat. 9:00am – 5:00pm | Sun. 9:00am – 4:00pm

Tuition: $410, includes all materials

Minimum Age: 14


Animal Head Letter Opener Class: 

July 27, 2019 | Sat. 9:00am – 5:00pm

Tuition: $205 includes all materials

Minimum Age: 14

Kaviar Forge is now offering weekend workshops! Students will keep all they make in the class. Class sessions are held at the Kaviar Forge adjacent to Kaviar Gallery at 147 Stevenson Ave, Louisville KY. (ABANA members receive 5% off workshops and Beginner Classes.)

Students are expected to have their own safety equipment: 

work gloves, leather shoes, and eye protection are required. Students are also required to use ear protection which will be provided. The Forge does supply all needed tools and materials for each project but you are welcome to bring your own. Due to the nature of the working space and safety, classes are limited to 10 students. 

For more information or questions


e-mail kaviargallery@gmail.com.

147 Stevenson Avenue

Louisville, KY 40206.


A Memorial Tattoo at 5 Star Tattoos

Memorial tattoos are experiencing a renaissance. After years of more and more cartoon characters, cultural icons, songs, etc., births, deaths, special events and close relationships are making a comeback as the subject of tattoos.

Memorial tattoos are frequently enhanced by the inclusion of names and dates. These additions serve as a concrete reminder of any individual at the center of this homage. Maybe dad will appreciate his gift SO much, YOU will be the subject of his new ink! 

There are literally no limits!

Five Star Tattoo

Five Star Tattoo is a skin art shop in Louisville that executes whole back pieces, leg sleeves, arm sleeves, finger pieces, full body projects, and re-works. The tattooists combine their craftsmanship with their customers’ styles and ideas, and they showcase their works in their Instagram accounts and individual websites. Some of the subjects are the Eye of Providence against an ornate colored backdrop, a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and an impressionable rendering of a gorgeous lady with sad green eyes. The Five Star Tattoo website contains aftercare tips, and clients can call to ask about the studio’s policies, safe practices, and procedures for minors who wish to get an ink.


 Louisville, KY (502) 895-7298



Skydive at Skydive Kentucky



Tandem Skydiving is popular among first time jumpers looking to experience the thrill of skydiving. Offering an introduction to the sport, Tandem Skydiving will allow jumpers to free-fall for 30 seconds while securely harnessed to one of our trained instructors. The tandem instructor will allow you to keep track of the jump using your own altimeter and let you pull the ripcord to release the parachute (of course, your instructor will back you up). Tandem Skydiving requires minimal ground preparation, but you should expect to be at our skydiving center for half the day. Come fall in love with skydiving by scheduling your tandem jump today.



For those looking to solo jump on their first day, consider the Static Line Jump. The jump itself consists of a simple poised exit from the airplane. As the skydiver falls away from the plane, the deployment of the main canopy is initiated by a “static line” attached to the aircraft. The skydiver will experience only a very short free fall before the opening of the main parachute is initiated. You will be required to go through Ground School for 4-5 hours before your jump so plan to be at our skydiving center all day. Ground School Training will be held rain or shine. Come solo jump via a static line! Schedule your jump online today!



If you are looking to be on the fast track to becoming a skydiver, Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is for you! The training for AFF is extensive, but you will experience a 50 second free-fall on your first jump! Plan to be at our skydiving center all day as we prepare you for an incredible experience. On your first AFF jump you exit from the airplane with two USPA AFF Instructors. On your first jump the instructors maintain a grip on your harness and give you in-air instruction via hand signals and assist with stability when necessary. You will open the parachute around 5,500 feet and another instructor on the ground will assist you in piloting the parachute via verbal guidance through a radio mounted in your helmet. Ground School Training will be held rain or shine. If you are looking for serious fun try an Accelerated Freefall!


Ax Throwing at Flying Axes

In its earliest iteration ax throwing originated in the logging camps of Canada’s northwest territories. It seems men will always find some way to compete with each other.

You have seen these timber sports on ESPN which also includes tree felling, log splitting, tree climbing, etc. The natural next step for all this fun stuff was to take it into a bar.

The owners of Flying Axes, Mike Brown and Dave Duran traveled to Toronto in 2016 to witness and experience the citified version of these loggers games and came back convinced that there was a future and a market for this sport.

There is now a Flying Axes in Louisville and in Covington, Kentucky with plans for 50 more in the next five years across the country including the next one scheduled to open in Nashville.




Flying Axes is open to ages 13 and over during the morning hours and 18 and over after 8:pm