Gallant Fox Brewery


Gallant Fox Brewery is very close to opening on New Main Street in the Clifton area. It is right at the railroad tracks for those that know the area or can’t keep up with all the new openings and building in the area. 

“Gallant Fox” is a horse. The second Triple Crown winner in history in 1930. It seems Roger Huff, one of the owners is something of a Triple Crown Aficionado as his social media marketing firm is Triple Crown Social.

Gallant Fox  is waiting on their microbrewery and retail alcoholic beverage permits and expect to open by August. In the meantime, the other half of Gallant Fox, Patrick Workman, is busy doing what entrepreneurs do – starting early, staying late, spending money and time to birth their dream. And it truly is a dream.

Real Entrepreneurship

Patrick and Roger are long-time friends who have worked and played together for years. And by “played” I mean “made beer”. They are serious home-brewers. Here’s how they see this vision coming to fruition:

Patrick is working full time to get up and running ASAP, and the pair are doing most of the work themselves – the build-out, installations and setting up the brewery itself. Once it is ready to go, Patrick, Roger and their wives will serve as bartenders, servers and brewers. This is old school entreprenuership – built on sweat equity, not investors and these guys expect it to pay off in this craft brew boom that Louisville is experiencing.

The bar will accomodate about 45 people and the brewery can produce about a barrel per day starting out. When that batch is gone, it’s gone and it might not be back for months as they have over 100 recipes ready to brew. The output will grow as demand increases.

The bar will be a craft brew lovers dream with new offerings constantly. The location of Gallant Fox is perfect for a before or after dinner drink if you’re dining in the Frankfort Avenue restaurant corridor and the building and surrounding buildings seem to offer some room for expansion in the future.

As for the beers, here are the initial offerings which we intend to try and report on at the earliest possible opportunity: Cobra Kai PA, Shitter’s Full, Coco-Nutty By Nature, Dirty Peach, Stormin da Castle and Space Force IPS. Click the link to read descriptions and prepare your palate. The partners are talking with “Bar B Que Buddha” about putting together some food offerings as well.

We’ll give you a heads up and an invitation when we get a firm opening date. Until then, look left (or right) when you cross those tracks on Frankfort and watch for signs of life in Louisville’s newest micro-brewery.