Bardstown Bourbon Company – Fusion Series #1


In an industry where a product’s identity is largely defined by its age and history, The Bardstown Bourbon Company seems to defy conventional wisdom and runs to the light of modernity. Now, I LOVE bourbon culture and history and certainly nothing will replace aging in the barrel as a bourbon staple, but it appears to me that BBC is adding to that culture, not discarding it, by embracing modern technology, style and enhancements in their business.

The distillery sits on 100 acres of active farmland in the heart of the Bourbon Capital of the World, Bardstown, Kentucky. The  company likes to say that they drive innovation while honoring the traditional art of making Bourbon. They produce authentic Kentucky Bourbon, whiskey, and rye brands as well as offer custom whiskey production through their Collaborative Distilling Program through which they produce 40 unique mash bills for some of the finest whiskey and bourbon brands, including Jefferson’s, High West, Belle Meade, Hirsch, Calumet, James E. Pepper, Cyrus Noble, and many others.

The building itself exudes modern science and technology with a completely transparent steel and glass facade not only in the public spaces, but for the production areas as well. It speaks to accessibility and the feeling that every visitor, distiller, warehouse worker, or employee is a contributor in this process.

The Bardstown Bourbon Company is part of the Bourbon Trail and adds a kind of laid-back Napa Valley style to the stop, quite different from most of the rest of the trail. They offer a full-service culinary experience at the Bottle & Bond Kitchen and Bar. Here, visitors enjoy traditional comfort food – salads and farm fresh meats and cheeses. The bar offers a craft cocktail program, a one-of-a-kind whiskey and vintage spirits library, a curated wine collection, and a selection of local draft beers

3 New Releases

We recently had a chance to sample 3 new releases from The BBC including their first Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Fusion Series #1. 

In the next few weeks we’ll explore the other 2 new releases which are scheduled to hit stores in the next few months.

Tasting Notes from Dallas Steiden – Fusion Series #1

We recorded some tasting notes with Dallas Steiden about the bourbon itself as well as it’s market position and how it might compare for the average bourbon drinker and even more knowledgable afficiandos.