Getting Some Hang Time


Use of a hammock for camping, instead of a tent, has significantly grown in recent years. And like anything that becomes popular, a variety of brands, models and price-points hit the market, leaving the customer somewhat confused on options.   One can’t go wrong with the Kammok Roo.


The Roo is a camping hammock built for life changing adventure. Inspired by the kangaroo, this camping hammock will get you off the ground in a hurry, give you a comfortable, secure place to rest, and then pack up quick so you can continue on your way.

kammok1The Roo comes with climbing rated carabiners and Dyneema® slings, but you’ll also want to grab the Python Straps (sold separately), two 10ft daisy-chain suspension systems that allow you to quickly and safely hang your Kammok Roo around any tree, rock, post, or anchor point capable of bearing your weight.

Super high quality and moderately priced at $99 ($29 for the Python Straps).   Still like sleeping on the ground? It also makes a great lightweight camp chair or backyard retreat.

kammok logo Available at Green Earth Outdoors in New Albany (