As the song goes “Every girl’s crazy about a sharped dress man.”


It doesn’t HAVE to be pink and lime green.

Nothing could be truer than when it comes to dressing for the first Saturday in May. It’s that one day of the year when men step outside their comfort zone and try something a little out of character.

So just as the ladies have their fashionable Derby hats the men have their Derby ties, belts, socks, hats, pocket squares and unique sport jackets.

But just where do you find those stylish duds? Louisville has a few unique places that have been outfitting the well-dressed man for quite a few decades.

THE FASHION POST – has always remained true to its roots since opening its doors in 1959. They will simply tell you classic menswear really hasn’t changed over the years; rather, it has evolved. The thread of consistency has always been good taste. Family owned and operated it’s the personalized service that always makes this store stand out.

Spring wear at the Fashion Post

Spring wear at the Fashion Post

Their sportswear line includes: Peter Millar, Bills Khakis, Scott Barber, Gitman Bros., Southern Tide and Peru Unlimited. Then bringing it all together with that special tie that gets compliments, the socks that stand out, one of kind belt and suspenders or the pocket square that ties it all together.

Bow ties are all the craze and contrary to what one may think anyone can wear one – just make sure it’s high quality and right for you. General Manager Bayersdorfer’s simple tip – “Get a professional to help you find the right one.”

Bayersdorfer has been outfitting men for 30 years and said Derby is very classical and traditional with fun and colorful sportswear that makes a statement depending on where you are sitting.

“You may need a sport coat and tie where you are and thus look dressier, but on Thursday or Friday in the paddock just hanging out you can go with a sport shirt and pants, no tie,” he said. “If there is one thing some men get hung up on its taking corporate clients out and getting all dressed up.  This is a sporting event not business meeting. Dress for the event.”

Bayersforfer added one final thought about reluctantly buying a new bright coat.

“You can wear it again to graduations, summer weddings and other events,” he said. “It’s not a one day investment.”

Glenview Pointe Shopping Center 2420 Lime Kiln Ln. 502.423.6700


Rodes 2 (2)

Spring jackets at Rodes for Him

RODES FOR HIM – A Louisville fashion institution for over 100 years, Rodes For Him maintains its uniqueness by offering some of the finest labels in the world. They too are a family-first, family run, American company that believes quality is the fabric of life.

They believe in international style and local traditions just like the Derby because good service never goes out of style and relationships are priceless. Simply they will tell you style is timeless and clothes should be the perfect expression of you.

Jim Porter who does the buying and selling for Rodes has seen men’s dress evolve, but simply the fashions have gotten dressier on Derby.

“Every person wants to look there very best and the Derby is the one day of the year when they truly love to get all dressed up,” Porter said. “What’s cool is that they want that unique outfit that says something about them. It’s not just the tie and hats because we also carry the dress jeans, open collar shirt and sport jacket for the parties too.”

“Everyone has to be in Louisville the first Saturday in May because it’s the place to be and we want you to look your best.”

The Rodes Building 4938 Brownsboro Rd. 502.753.7653


A view of he Evolve collection

A view of he Evolve collection

EVOLVE – For the truly unique and rare find this is the high end consignment shop exclusively for gentlemen that opened in 2009, and provides an avenue that can’t be found from 600 miles.

“We have a lot of high end clothes that are consigned to us and it allows gentleman the opportunity wear something they may never have the chance to do,” Hank Bullitt said. “We outfitted a man recently that had never worn a suit but needed one and he walked out with a $1,000 suite for less than $100.”

Men frequent this well-curated showroom for secondhand Prada sport coats, Coach Briefcases, and Brooks Brothers shirts at 60% off. For the Derby they have Vinyard Vines this year J. Crew seersucker suits, J. Press bow ties, Crittenden pants and Allen Edmonds leather shoes – just to get started.

This store can complete your wardrobe with shoes, cuff links, ties and some cool shades when the sun shines bright over my Old Kentucky Home.

“People like to be more bold and colorful and men can make a choice that is stronger than they normally would and sometimes more playful,” Bullitt said. “Derby is a time to invest in something they can wear and show off with pieces you can’t always find in Louisville.”

2416 Frankfort Avenue Louisville, KY 40206 502.690.6655