Farris from Ted’s Cigars


For a great some that has roots right back here to Louisville look no further than the Farris from Ted’s Cigars headquartered right here in the Ville. Ted Jackson Ted’s entered into cigar production in 1996 when he was approached by Maker’s Mark to create a cigar for one of their “Roaring 20s” Derby party. Ted created a unique premium cigar actually flavored with Maker’s Mark Bourbon; but that is for another review. With a select line, premium branded line and other projects always in development Ted’s Cigars is always interesting and a fine ambassador for not only the Ville but the State of Kentucky and our tobacco heritage.


The Ferris is a great everday smoke and while I do not smoke everyday it is part of my regular rotation. So what in this tasty smoke? Available in the following ring gauges: 6 x 50, 5 x 50 and 5.5 x 56 (Box-pressed) and box pressed is my favorite. The wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo, the binder: Dominican Olor, filler: Nicaragua Viso, Dominican Cuban Seed Ligero & Seco and upon first light of the foot you get nice spice note that tapers off but never disappears. The remainder of the stick is a mellow subtle woody-nutty note but not one that surrounds my palette just one that reminds with every puff that this cigar is smooth and consistent. Construction is solid and with a box press I expect no less since after rolling they are placed into a box (box/es with square slots that get stacked on one another) and form a shape that causes the cigars to burn longer and with a more consistent flavor. At $8.00 a stick you can see why these are in my rotation.

Available online and at tobacconist shops around Louisville. If the shop does not have them in stock ask the tobacconist to order them because we have some of the BEST Tobacconist located right here in the Ville.