Flying Axes Louisville


Flying Axes was opened in Louisville Kentucky at 146 North Clay St. in the summer of 2017.

In its earliest iteration ax throwing originated in the logging camps of Canada’s northwest territories. It seems men will always find some way to compete with each other.

You have seen these timber sports on ESPN which also includes tree felling, log splitting, tree climbing, etc. The natural next step for all this fun stuff was to take it into a bar.

The owners of Flying Axes, Mike Brown and Dave Duran traveled to Toronto in 2016 to witness and experience the citified version of these loggers games and came back convinced that there was a future and a market for this sport.

There is now a Flying Axes in Louisville and IN Covington, Kentucky with plans for 50 more in the next five years across the country including the next one scheduled to open in Nashville.




Flying Axes is open to ages 13 and over during the morning hours and 18 and over after 8:pm

We spent some time talking to Ryan Gainey the General Manager, about the sport and the place. 

Gainey says the business of ax throwing right now is in it’s infancy and resembles “an 1800’s era land grab with everyone waiting to plant their flags”…in cities across the country.

He goes on to describe the appeal:

“It is a wonderful, immersive experience and pretty thrilling once you hit that first Bullseye. It’s also very relaxing. We call it “ax therapy”. Very cathartic actually”.

Try it out. We found it to be exactly as he said and plan go back for some league play very soon.


Ryan Gainey, General Manager on “sticking the throw”


Gainey explains how league play works: