7 Great Watches Under $500


The world is overrun with clocks. They’re on our phones, our tablets, our computers, our magic boxes that cook, and in our cars. You have to go out of your way to not know what time it is. So why would you want yet another timepiece? Two words: Sty-Le. You don’t technically need a watch on your wrist to know the hour, but for a slick, professional look that also adds a few new accessories to your arm, nothing tops a nice watch. For all you gentlemen of the analog, we’ve found some great watches under $500


Frilless Icon: Timex knows how to make a quality product with a featherweight price tag. The Weekender uses both standard and military demarcations so you’ll never need Reveille to know what time it is. The Indiglo system gives you a quick light when you need it and the camo band lets you blend in when behind enemy lines. $35.00

Muy Macho: Get the perfect watch to go along with your WWII mutton chops and tactical tomahawk with the SNK805 from Seiko. The 21 jewel automatic movement keeps on ticking when you’re chasing game to ground or hiking the switchbacks of the world. Manual winding means that even an EMP blast won’t disrupt your busy schedule. The olive drab appearance won’t ever get you labeled a “dandy” by the other lumberjacks. $55.00

Going Dark: As striking as a minimalist watch can get, the black 45mm face and 24mm Black leather band give this a post-modern appearance. The steely accents and hints of red work in stark contrast for a timepiece that can’t help but be noticed. Water resistant to 3 atm, this is a lot of bang for very few bucks. $95.00


White Out: With a purely white face accented by silver and Roman numerals, this is a distinctive showing from Paul Hewitt. Behind the sapphire glass is full Ronda Swiss quartz movement and polished stainless steel. Keep the blue/green NATO strap for casual endeavors or replace it with something that screams Power Player. Either way the look is unique and sure to set you apart from the herd.

Dive Time: Water-resistant up to 600 feet, you can go ahead and take this on your next scuba weekend without a care in the world. A diving bezel and chronograph subdials give you all the information you need beneath the surf. Japanese quartz movement stores up sunlight so batteries never die, and the luminous handset cuts through the underwater gloom. $175.00

Green Dream: Using a 1940’s watch as their template, the Air Warden harkens back to WWII and is something straight out of Catch-22. A canvas and leather strap keeps it in place as the Miyota caliber 1L45 movement counts away hours, minutes, and seconds. Bright, luminous paint for the numbers adds not only uniqueness but an easy functionality at home on a military throwback timepiece.

The 70’s Live: Vintage watches are nice and give you a sense of history, but for a bitchin’ retro timepiece, the Havana Nevil Brown is the crème de la crème. It has two sunken chronographs depicting minutes and 24-hour time for quick glance reading. The case is acetate, which makes the big, 43mm face slightly lighter but not as durable as steel. Each hour has an applied marker that gives the appearance depth and character. $359.00