Got Your Tux for NYE?


So, I’ve heard that a tux is a must have in the closest. I do agree that you should always have a go to tux when you really need one. It’s definitely an investment piece and should be something you invest in opposed to renting which is a no-no, and make sure you find one that fits to your measurements.

No one wants to see a sloppy tux on a special occasion or in a picture for years to come. And let’s face it, most of us guys wanna look good but wait until the last minute to suit up for an event.

Speaking of tuxes and suiting up, New Year’s Eve is close at hand. I encourage you to switch it up a little. You have options, my procrastinating friend. You could invest in a suit that’s more versatile, add a tux shirt and bow tie and you’re good to go!

Those of you that want to go the suit separates route, here’s my fashion advice: The hottest trends to try are dinner jackets – and my favorite, velvet jacket. Pair them with some fine tailored dress slacks.

Depending on preference, you have the option of just rocking an open-top button dress shirt and pocket square or step it up a notch with a narrow tie or bow tie. Go wild with no socks or if you prefer socks, make them loud, it could be an ice breaker for those of you riding solo!

Whatever you decide, be sure to look, and most importantly FEEL dapper. Choose wisely… time is ticking..