Strong Suit Made-to-Measure Event in Louisville


Louisville will be host to the latest made-to-measure event  by Strong Suit of Little Rock on Tuesday, November 13th from 10 to 6 at Dillards St. Matthews.

This is an opportunity to purchase one of the hottest brands in the country AND choose your own fabric, fit and style. Of all the fashion advise I can give you, none of it is more foundationally important than owning a great suit, expertly tailored and fit for you.

This event features suits starting at $895 which includes 2 dress shirts or a dress shirt and a tie.

If you haven’t heard of Strong Suit, let me familiarize you a bit:



Everybody has a strength. Our abilities and our vulnerabilities make us who we are. At Strong Suit we hope to accentuate your best qualities. We give you a no excuses garment with fine tailoring and fabrics that allow you the freedom to express who you are. The details are all there; Pic stitching, a canvas construction, a fine tailored fit, and elegant fabrics. As you navigate the next few years through weddings, parties, last minute road trips or a European excursion our garments will be your willing companion through whatever adventure awaits. Enjoy the journey as you answer the question “What’s your Strong Suit?”



excerpt from Observer.com:

While guys in the North may be hard pressed to find an men’s-only retail shop in the city, the men’s specialty store is alive and well in the South. “The true men’s stores are really disappearing, but the South is the last bastion of the men’s specialty store. For example, in a big city like Chicago, I think there are probably two stores that really cater to the men’s market, but I know there are at least eight that come to mind in Little Rock, Ark.,” said Strong Suit’s VP of Made-to-Measure, Sean Cullers, on a recent visit to the brand’s pop-up studio in Chelsea.

Mr. Cullers is joined by the brand’s founder, Jamie Davidson, who also hails from the South. “Strong Suit’s goal is to bring luxury to younger millennial customers at a fair price point.” he said. “You can customize your iPod and your Nikes, so why not your suit?” Whilst similar brands tout a “custom” suit for just a few hundred bucks over the Internet, the quality is lacking, and the experience is not exactly Savile Row. “There’s no way you can purchase a truly custom suit for just $300,” Mr. Davidson cautioned. Instead, Strong Suit offers off-the-rack suits starting at $595, and tailored looks with a base price of $795 with a level of finish that might cost a hell of a lot more from a larger design house.

Strong Suit has indeed hit the sweet spot for discerning gentleman with an eye for close cuts and fine finishes,