5 High Tech Bikes to Die for


Applying high tech to a decidedly low-tech activity – bicycling.

These bikes are not your daily commuters and they are not being created to satisfy any kind of consumer demand. They are used by athletes in competition, manufacturers experimenting with new materials and simple research and development shops just to see how efficient a simple form of transportation can be made. Often these experiments will translate to motor vehicle design and manufacturing innovations.

But if you DO need to hit 40 mph on your bike, it won’t be cheap. Here are your best bets:

The Cervelo P5X – $15,000 – https://www.cervelo.com/en/triathlon/p-series/p5x


This bike is built in Canada and is made specifically for triathletes on the Ironman circuit. It is so efficient and fast that it is banned from use in time trials unless and until the rules are changed to accommodate it.

It can be adjusted in myriad ways to accommodate the riders size, build, riding style and it even has aerodynamically integrated storage space on board.


TriRig Omni – $7990http://www.tririg.com/store.php?c=omni


I know – it sounds downright affordable after the Cervelo. Affectionately known as the Praying Mantis, The Omni has also spent many hours in the wind tunnel refining its profile. It’s said to be like riding a vertical plane wing. Again, this bike was created for the triathalon, but with an eye towards everyday use as well (albiet an expensive ride to Starbucks for your shift).

So thorough is the aerodynamic effects that the brakes and drive chain are behind a fairing.


Felt TA FRD (Track Aero Racing Development) – $26,000 – http://www.feltbicycles.com/USA/2016/Bikes/track/TA-FRD-10171376.aspx


This bike was inspired by and made specifically to win a medal for the USA Women’s Pursuit Cycling team after they won silver in 2012.

Felt’s innovations in bicycle design have been so influential that they changed the standard for bikes racing in the velodrome  by moving the drive side on the bike from the outside of the track, or right-hand side of the bike, to the inner part of the track, or left-hand side of the bike. They explain that the bike becomes more aerodynamic, and also handles better because the bike’s weight and center of gravity has moved inboard of the turns.


Peugot Onyx Concept Superbike – $25,000 – $35,000 http://www.peugeot.com/en/design/concept-bikes/peugeot-onyx-bike


brakes-integratedAnother time trials bike. The Peugot has a carbon uni-body frame with integrated brakes and battery with an electronically controlled gear changing system. There is no price on the bike yet as it has not gone into production, but it is expected to be in the $25,000 to $35,000 range.


Velo Tilt – Price TBD –  http://motherboard.vice.com/read/the-fastest-bicycle-on-earth


Developed by The Human Power Team, this bike was actually developed with the commuter in mind, but might be the coolest of all. The Human Power Team built the world’s fastest bike – a high tech recumbent clocked at 133 KP/H!tilt

Riders will look like they’re in a mini space ship while clocking speeds of 40 mph with 150 watts of human power. It was first conceived in 2012 and is still going through some final design elements before the makers decide if and when it will be released to the public.