Spring Mill Bourbon


One of the most beautiful bottles of bourbon I’ve ever seen! A white ceramic bottle with an ivory fired finish including the name, logo and the distiller’s signature. as well as a distinctive red label noting that it’s twice barrelled in new charred American Oak.

Note the logo. Look a bit familiar? I’m certain that it’s meant to harken back to those old Indy 500 logos. After all, this whippersnapper of a bourbon is proudly distilled in Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s like your neighbor trying to manicure his lawn as nicely as yours when he knows damn good and well yours is the pride of the neighborhood! What the hell, Indiana? Do we try to have Indy car races?? I guess we’ll just consider it the sincerest form of flattery, because it IS pretty good.

Whatever your estimation of this bourbon, you can’t say that love hasn’t gone into it.

My caveat should go here – I’m not writing to review it. I’ll leave that to the experts, but as a rather novice connoisseur, I can say I found nothing off-putting about this bourbon and the one thing I have learned to LOVE about the taste of bourbon is OAK. This has it right on top and I really enjoyed that note immediately. The other distinctives (and they are there) are best articulated in a proper review.

My purpose here is to alert you to this bourbon and it’s availablity right across the river. A list of locations is here: http://www.heartlanddistillers.com/?page_id=42  . I will only suggest that showing up with this beautiful bottle of bourbon will endear you to folks as they taste and evaluate our neighbor’s stab at our claim to fame.  It ain’t half bad and they’ll talk about it for a while. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s how Heartland Distillers describes it.


Spring Mill Bourbon is handcrafted with corn, rye, and a bit of malted barley. It is then aged in new charred oak barrels. Then a portion of the bourbon is finished in a second set of new charred oak barrels to give this twice barreled bourbon additional character and flavor.

Series 017 – available in Indiana and summer 2017 in select markets.


Produced and bottled by Heartland Distillers, Spring Mill Bourbon (Series 017) is twice barreled in new charred American oak for additional character and flavor. Bottled and dangerously drinkable at 90 proof, this straight bourbon is pleasantly sweet with notes of spicy rye, vanilla custard, brown sugar, sweet tea, and sweet corn. Notes of floral spices and a touch of citrus and wood shavings accompany the nose.  Perfect neat, on the rocks, or accompanying your favorite bourbon inspired cocktail.

8 yr old – Series 117 – availablity is limited to select markets in fall 2017.

First distilled in our founding year, this is limited edition special bourbon.

Our 8-year-old Spring Mill Bourbon Green Label is a tour de force that brings out notes of oak, caramel, and orange peel with subtle notes of cherry on the nose. The pallet brings out even more caramel, spice, oak, and orange with hints of licorice and a slight nuttiness. The finish is smoky with notes of oak that is well balanced with a spicyness and herbal character.

Spring Mill 8-year-old is rich, complex and warm that is a spice driven bourbon with a bold yet elegant flavor.  It is well balanced, warm and inviting.  A touch of water will moderate the spice and bring out the orange peel and herbal character.

Best served neat or on the rocks