The Rezvani Tank


Rezvani Motors is an automotive designer and manufacturer of high performance supercars based in Irvine, California. Rezvani was founded by Ferris Rezvani, one of the designers of Vencer’s Sarthe supercar who formerly worked with Aston Martin, Ferrari, and DBC.

The company’s main product is the Rezvani Beast, a legitimate supercar based on the Ariel Atom built in Great Britain. The Beast uses several Atom components including the aluminum chassis. Check out the Beast here.

However, today we are drooling over the Rezvani Tank. As it is being aptly marketed – “Your key to surviving the Zombie apocalypse”. (Although truth be told a vehicle probably won’t help that much as you’ll probably be infected by an inadvertently infected family member before you even know what happened.) Still, watching the undead bounce off the hood of this crazy train will surely make you feel invincible… for a while!

“The Tank” is based on a Jeep Wrangler, but you will have a hard time recognizing that. It sports a 500 horsepeower 6.4 liter Chrysler v-8, the same engine as in the Charger Scat-Pack. You will have no problem traversing the dystopian landscape as long as you can scare up enough fuel.

Rezvani also offers “optional ballistic armor protection” with no other explanation. Russian oligarchs will see the practicality of it immediately. The doors open automatically, because…, well….$150,000 or so depending on options.

Speaking of options, how’s this?

  • FLIR Thermal Night Vision
  • Ballistic Armor: Kevlar Armor, Bulletproof Glass, Military-Grade Run Flat Tires, Kevlar Protected Fuel Tank, Floorpan & Radiator
  • Leather Package: Leather Seats, Suede Headliner
  • Tow Package: Tow Hitch, Front-Mounted Winch
  • Convenience Package: Automatic Opening/Closing Side Steps, Head-Up Display

Now, are you really even going to take this off road? Of course not! You are paying for the ability to believe that you COULD do it if you HAD TO. You COULD survive the apocalypse and you COULD survive “The Purge” if you got caught on the freeway and didn’t make it home before dark. And more importantly, your neighbors in Palo Alto see that you could do it also!