Don’t Fall For It


The fall has always been my favorite season. It’s like Mother Nature saved up all her beauty for the end. I compare it to attending the Kentucky Derby and waiting for that final race. Then all of a sudden , it’s the grande finale. The fall is a great time of year to layer and combine articles of clothing. This sermon will speak to the versatility of the classic suit. It’s no longer a navy blue box with a faint pinstripe. If anyone says it is, DON’T FALL FOR IT.

Photo and wardrobe provided by Matt Multerer with Fine Spun Clothing


“Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.”-Gay Talese, Author
You may think a suit is a set of outer clothes made with the same fabric. This is simply not true.The fall is a chance for you to be more versatile . Don’t restrict yourself by breaking up your wardrobe into formal and casual. Try a mix of suit pieces with jeans and other relaxed items of clothing. Baskin – Robbins didn’t stop at 30 flavors, so why should you?


Before you decide to take that jacket from your favorite ensemble and pair it with jeans, make sure the jacket is fitted. GOD did not intend for man to live, drive or wear a box. In my opinion, a good tailor is like a counselor . We discuss my problem, he tells me what’s best and the next time we see each other my problems are solved.

Just to be safe, I would stay with a dark colored denim. If you’re not wearing True Religion jeans, be careful of white stitched jeans. They can totally cheapen your entire look. Can you tell the difference between the two? Yes, you can! It’s like thinking the new Chrysler looks like a Bentley, until a Bentley pulls up. The only person that can get away with this is Billy Ray Cyrus. So please, don’t break my achy breaky heart.

The garment under the jacket is totally up to you. If you’re going to work, and don’t want to wear a tie, be respectful and wear a button up. If you can find a button up with a high collar, buy it . That is my only personal suggestion for this sermon regarding collars. You may have heard other “fashion experts” say that a collar should counterbalance your face – e.g., if you have a longer face, you should wear a spread collar. If you have a round face, you should wear a classic pointed collar. Did they also tell you that Santa is married to the Tooth Fairy? Don’t Fall FOR IT! Enjoy whichever collar matches your personal style. If you have never worn a high collared shirt, my suggestion is to try it. For some reason when I wear my higher collar shirt, I strut like George Jefferson.

High Collar

The item that is going to set you a apart from the rest ??…drum roll please…… THE POCKET SQUARE!!!!If anyone says you DON’T need it, immediately break glass and file for divorce. A pocket square and a suit go hand in hand like Bonnie and Clyde, Captain & Tennill and Ren & Stimpy.

The pocket square ties the entire look together. There are so many more designs, shapes and colors than before.


Most are made from silk, cotton or linen. Whatever it’s made of, make sure it’s small enough to fold without creating bulk. Silk pocket squares never want to stay in place. A quick trick is to fold the pocket square to your liking, get a small safety pin and pin it in the inside of the pocket. It will stay in place and never slide down. Your pocket will be too hip to be squared.


When you strut into the Fall Meet at Churchill downs, do it with class. Since the pocket square is the central control system, guard it well. If not, then your suit may then become a lawsuit. It’s not a handkerchief, there is a difference, so DON’T FALL FOR IT.