The Tuxedo


The tuxedo is the pinnacle of men’s formal dress. It’s a sartorial icon of manly sophistication, class and style . A well worn tuxedo exudes an air of confidence, desire and a level of class that is rarely achievable in cargo shorts.

These rules apply to choosing the tuxedo for your wedding or next black tie occasion.

Here a few rules to help you get it right!

FullSizeRender (2)1. FIT
Fit, fit, fit. Did I say FIT!!! I think we can all agree that there is nothing worse than an ill fitting, too tight, ball squeezing tuxedo/suit with each button struggling to stay fastened.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your tuxedo/suit is too big or too long you can loose the game before the first play.


Typically one of the most difficult task as a groom is making sure that all of your groomsmen get measured, pick up and TRY ON their suits/tuxedos.
TIP: Please make sure that your groomsmen try on their tuxedos before the day of the wedding. Trust me on this one!


GROOMS. PAY ATTENTION CLOSELY! Ask your bride to be, if her dress is white , winter white, diamond white or antique white? Then ask if she can provide a swatch of the dress for you.

Although the description of the dress may end in white it may not be a true white. Some dresses are closer to an ecru or eggshell. If you wear a white shirt and her dress is not a true white, her dress has a chance of looking dingy in the pics.FullSizeRender (1)


Add a touch of personal style to everything you do but especially on your wedding day or notable special occasion.
Disclaimer: please have your personal expressions approved by your bride prior to game day! You may love Tony Stark and Marvel Comics but an Iron Man t-shirt under your tux may not fly on your wedding day.


Bring the wood – Wooden bow ties and lapels pins are hot and stylish and are great additions to dressy attire.
Navy and jewel tone colors with Contrasting colors is a hot new trend.


So you seem well versed when renting/ buying your tuxedo.


If you wear tuxedo more than once a decade, look into buying a tuxedo. It’s a great investment. I just retired one that I had for 15 years and it was a constant and took the stress out of what I was going to wear to a black tie event. All I had to do was buy a new tie or bowtie to make it look different.


Follow these simple rules, explore what’s right for you. Own your moment and you will not loathe wearing a tuxedo but actually enjoy it.