You Need to Cut It Out


John Wilson

Hello and welcome to my first article (or what I like to call a sermon) with Men’s Best Guide. Relax, make yourself a drink and stay awhile. This sermon is titled “You need to Cut it Out.”

We have 2 huge outdoor festivals happening in LOUISVILLE Kentucky. September 23rd -24th is the Bourbon & Beyond festival. A perfect blend of bourbon, food and music. http://bourbonandbeyond.com/. Louder than Lifefest” which is September 30th and October 1st. When a festival says it’s louder than life, you better believe it. https://louderthanlife.frontgatetickets.com/

Music festivals have long been a breeding ground for experimental fashion. Some festivals are even setting trends like Coachella, Glostonbury and Benicassim. Most women’s magazines have an article or two on what to wear to these events. When it comes to the men, not so much. We are only there at the festival holding the umbrella, backpack, lipstick, flip flops, to block the sun and shield from the rain. Well times are a changing. We can look just as good by not trying too hard. I am going to give you some tips on how be loud, but smooth like bourbon.

The T-Shirt

Unless you worship a band as a deity, don’t wear their shirt to the concert. We know you’re a fan or you wouldn’t be there. Instead wear another band’s t-shirt you admire. This is your time to show everyone your versatility with music and fashion. It’s ok to wear that John Legend shirt to hear Steve Miller Band. It just shows the ladies you know how to speed it up but also how to slow it down. Just make sure the shirt is not too tight or too big. CUT IT OUT If you’re still shopping at baby Gap because the t-shirt’s make your arms look big.
This is your chance to wear something vintage. Go to a thrift shop or your local vintage shop. I went to see Bryson Tiller last weekend and I wore burnt orange pants, black and white stacy adams and a Toy Tiger t-shirt to match. I found that t-shirt at the Nitty Gritty 996 Barret Avenue. We both put on an amazing show!

The Sweatshirt

As the sun sets you may need to layer up. I recommend a lightweight cotton sweatshirt with a hoody. With the weather being temperamental, you never know what to expect. Just tie it around your waist until you need it. I strongly recommend not tying it around your neck like Carlton from the Fresh Prince. This is not the ‘Quiet and Dead festival’. #cutup

Shorts and Jeans

ATTENTION ALL MEN!! SLIM CUT JEANS ARE NOT MADE FOR YOU IF YOUR CALVES AND BUTTOCKS LOOK LIKE POPEYE. The same thing goes for shorts. When the tag says “slim cut” you need to do exactly that. Go in your closet and find your favorite pair of jeans that fit and make your own shorts. It doesn’t matter if you cut them straight or zig zag, you will be comfortable. You have no idea how long you may be standing or sitting. I can guarantee your seats are not in the orchestra section row A seat 6.


I should’ve started with foot wear because it’s actually the most important. This is NOT the time to buy a new pair of Birkenstocks. Save that for your pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Thou shalt be encountered with earth, fire, air and water. Stick with a comfortable shoe that is broken in and has your footprint. I can’t tell you what kind of shoe that is. only YOU know.
However, under no circumstance fool yourself into thinking flip- flops or espadrilles are even remotely appropriate. Unless you actually do think you are a disciple. In that case, call 911.
Whether you’re at Coachella or plan to be Louder than Life, do it with comfort and class. Pace yourself on the Bourbon and don’t forget your sunscreen. Another item you need to bring is baby wipes. They help keep your neck dry and under arms clean. Don’t get the heavy scented ones or girls won’ t be the only thing attracted to you.

Let the Church Say Amen!