The Rec Bar


10301 Taylorsville Road
Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Recbar is housed in a very nondescript building in a nondescript area near Jeffersontown’s main downtown thoroughfare. But what’s inside is anything but plain. Step through the door of this out of the way bar and you’ll be greeted by a screen-flashing spectacle of old-school arcade machines. Currently, you can find titles such as Mortal Kombat, the co-op classics X-Men and TMNT, and even older games such as Punch-Out, Shinobi and, of course, the omnipresent Pac-Man. The amount of nostalgia-inducing games available to play is truly impressive and as several are on a rotating basis you’re chance of finding old favorites increases with every visit.

Don’t worry though, Recbar has more to offer than a healthy selection of arcade games. They serve an impressive array of beers with a rotating tap that one can enjoy inside their lively indoor atmosphere or their ample patio space. And if you’re a fan of craft beer, Recbar has you covered. Even the pickiest of beer drinkers should be able to find something to please their tastes here. And this being Louisvile, Recbar also offers an extensive choice of whiskeys and bourbons as well. (A word of caution though: according to their menu a pour of Pappy will cost you your first born child!)

Louisville has seen an uptick in bars serving upgraded “pub grub” over the past several years and Recbar is no different. Their menu lists an assortment of standards and their own innovative twists but the focus is mainly on appetizers and sandwiches with a few select styles of tacos thrown in for good measure. Interesting sounding fare includes Frosted Flake tenders, Napoleon’s Totchos (nacho dressed tater tots), and the Pressed PB&J (a waffle-based twist on the ancient classic). For this occasion I tried the Plumber’s Rolls (pepperoni and mozzarella in a “crispy fried egg roll”) which I will certainly be ordering again on my return visits. I also ordered for the buffalo chicken tacos, as my main entree, which were also fantastic.

Recbar maintains a very relaxed atmosphere and seems to attract people from all age groups (although the patrons did seem to lean more toward the late 20s/early 30s). And bonus points for the family men out there: you can join in on the fun with the kiddos or enjoy a relaxing evening by employing the arcade as a ‘babysitter’ for the night. (Recbar is all ages until 10pm.) It’s not often a bar can successfully walk the line between being a local watering hole and a family friendly affair but Recbar suceeds.

My one and only complaint about Recbar would be the service. While the staff was friendly enough my party and I waited an inordinate amount of time for a server and, by extension, the food. To be fair, however, the bar was slammed, which, when you’re looking for a cool place to go, is usually a good sign.