Match Cigar Bar


Looking for a comfortable lounge to sit and conversate with friends or clients, or the right place for a night cap? Match Cigar Bar, now in Jeffersonville and New Albany, provides the ideal environment for a casual cocktail and an accompanying cigar that you cannot find anywhere else.
I sat down with co-owners Jeff and Sara Mouttet to gain a better understanding of what Match Cigar Bar is all about.
“I woke up one morning and said I can’t do this anymore.” Jeff expressed when discussing why he left the auto industry. “I was tired of fighting over pennies every single day, it was time for me to take control of what I wanted to do in life” said Jeff.
His transition from the auto industry led he and his wife Sara to trying to find a cigar shop they could purchase and own in the Louisville area. When they stumbled across an old bar in Jeffersonville that was up for sale they were still skeptical about finding a venue to meet their needs.


“Jeff told me as we were looking at this bar, if there is a large closet behind this door we have to buy it, and sure enough we had a place of our own to mold into what we wanted it to be” said Sara.
With Match Cigar Bar’s new location in New Albany having its grand opening on June 9th, it is safe to say that Jeff and Sara have achieved their goal of creating an experience all their own. “We wanted to make it homey, a place where you can have a family at the bar.” Sara expressed. “Our staff sets us apart from all the other bars in lounges in the area. You cannot find this level of expertise in cocktails and cigars accompanied with a staff that truly takes care of the customer anywhere near here.”
After a puff of my cigar and a sip of their specialty old fashioned I knew exactly what she meant. Match Bar offers a warm environment primed for any conversation under the sun, supplemented with a staff that knows their stuff and cater to your needs as a consumer.

To compliment their excellent staff and unique vibe, the selection of cigars and bourbon is primed to shock and awe any newcomer to the bar, setting a standard arguably un”match”ed in the Kentuckiana area.