Is Your Asthma Triggered by Diet?


Asthma is a respiratory condition caused by inflammation of the airways. The cause of asthma is unknown, but it is affected by allergic reactions or other hypersensitivities. Many people swear that when they eat certain foods it triggers asthma, yet they have no food allergies that show up on an IgE test done in the doctor’s office. Food sensitivities are not allergies, but some people find that food sensitivities exacerbate, or are the main culprit of asthma attacks. Being sensitive to certain foods causes general inflammation in the body. This inflammation does not subside unless trigger foods are eliminated for a substantial amount of time. The inflammation may ebb and flow. Some days breathing might feel difficult, and on another it turns into a full asthma attack. To improve breathing, the inflammation first has to be addressed and decreased. If you have elevated inflammation in the body you are constantly at risk for an attack. Discovering food sensitivities can lower inflammation in your body, beginning in the gut, which will also reduce the inflammation that has built up in the airways. Food sensitivities are difficult to determine without a specific blood test (Mediator Release Test). Once determined, a registered dietitian certified in managing food sensitivities can create an individualized plan of action. Decreasing inflammation is a process, but the results are long lasting and can help you breathe easy.