Whether you’re trackside, at a Derby party, or just sitting on the deck trying to decide what bet to place with your bookie, these three cigars are a winning ticket.

  1. Nub Cameroon 358:

This Nicaraguan cigar has a Cameroon wrapper. Only 3 ¾ inches with a 58 gauge ring, this cigar burns well and is full of nutty flavor. The Nub is a product of the Olivia Cigar family and lives up to their outstanding reputation. The Nub is marketed under the Studio Tobac brand. It is a short smoke but long in flavor from the first puff. It looks cool and is priced about 6 bucks. Great medium flavor smoke.


  1. Don Pepin Garcia Blue:

pepinIf you’ve been dying for a Cuban smoke, then try the Don Pepin Garcia Blue. It’s as close as you’ll get to a real Cuban. About two times the length of the Nub at 6 inches with a 50 gauge ring you’ll feel like “the man” holding this baby. Another Nicaraguan Cigar, it has a real classic taste with hints of coffee and leather spices. This always scores well and is priced about 8-9 bucks per stick.




  1. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Belicoso:

large_arturo-fuente-don-carlos-belicoso-boxWhat would a cigar list be without a Fuente? Here’s another great smoke using a Cameroon wrapper. This Dominican combines sweetness with a taste of almonds. Make sure to put this one up to the nose before lighting and smell the dark chocolate scent from the aging process. It comes in a number of sizes and shapes. Go for the Torpedo. This smoke will put your in the winner’s circle. Priced 11-12 bucks.