Cuban Cigars! Still the Best!


Cuban cigars are still the best in the world. No cigar delivers the unique aroma, special taste, and vivid freshness like a fine Cuban cigar, or “habano” as some Cubans call them.

Two region cigars that are absolutely amazing quality: Ramon Allones Sur Exclusivo Libano and Hunters & Frankau Ramon Allones Aniversario 225. It’s amazing that both are under the Ramon Allones moniker. They both show amazing richness and flavor that grab your attention from the minute you light them and satisfy you through every inch of the smoke.

This character,called the “Partagas stink” because the Ramon Allones brand was traditionally made at the Partagas factory and there’s always a spicy and decadent character in a good Partagas.

Cohiba delivers the best cigars in the market.They are indeed expensive but they deliver the great quality to be expected in a top Habanos. Montecristo is also delivering big time. In the end, the Top 10 Cuba cigars give a smoker wonderful flavors and character with fabulous balance and freshness – that’s what great Cuban cigars do best.
Here are a few of the better ones!


One of the best new Cuban cigars released on the market this year is the Ramon Allones Sur, last year’s regional edition cigar for Lebanon from Phoenicia, owners of the best duty-free cigar shop in the world.

(Beirut Aiport) as well as distributors for Cuban cigars in Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece and others. The Sur is 52-ring gauge by 140 centimeters long, the same size as the Cohiba Genios Maduro 5. It’s named after a famous historic city in the south of Lebanon. What strikes you first is the aroma of the cigar before lit. It has a classic Partagas factory stink with lots of decadent earth, meat, spice, cedar, and tobacco. After burning the cigar for about 10 to 15 minutes, it has a cool draw and shows so much richness and power at the same time – spicy, smoked nut and earth aromas and flavors. It’s creamy textured with a stone, dried cedar undertone.

Cohiba Behike 54
An incredible cigar with great depth and flavor. Peppermint, maciato, and cream. The texture is truly superb. Full and flavorful. Goes on for minutes. What a cigar.

A full-bodied with intense walnut, milky coffee and sweet tobacco character. It has a long and flavorful aftertaste!