New Years resolutions


Who has made one? Turns out about 50% of Americans decide to do one. Out of that 50%… 88% fail! What is a good way to fix this? Keep reading to find out! In my experience in the fitness department, most people fail because they start too aggressive and expect major results right from the start. You have to understand that you did not get out of shape and pick up all your weight over night, in one month, or even 6 months. You picked up bad habits over a period of time which has resulted in your current lifestyle.

So how do you fix this and not fall into the 88% and fail for another year? Start small with new healthy habits that become lifestyle changes. Don’t go out day one and try to run a mini marathon or try to go balls to the wall in the gym or go right for salads and all healthy food. Start small.


Go for a jog around the block on day one and slowly build up from there. Set a goal of being able to run a mile by the end of week two if you have never run that before. If you used to be a runner, then start with a mile and set a goal of 3 miles by the end of the first 2 or 3 weeks. In the gym, just because you could do 250lb bench press does not mean you can now. Start light and build up from there over the next several weeks.

Eating habits, if you eat out 5 days a week, then week one cut it down to 4 days a week, then 3 days the next. Take baby steps to reach your goals.


Everyone hates to fail. If you continue to fail at trying to reach a goal that you did not take the right steps to obtain then you will quit trying to reach it. I have started my own New Years resolution goal and will share more on that in my next blog! For now, here is a great workout to get yourself started!

• 1/4 mile walk/jog/run
• 20 squats with weight
• 15 curls to shoulder press
• 25 sit ups 10lbs
• 4xs

This may seem like not much and you may see others at the gym doing more but keep in mind they may already have a great base OR are starting to fast and will be the 88% and flame out by March when your starting to pick up major steam and headed towards your goal.