Beargrass Creek Blonde


Yes, this beer, brewed by Apocalypse Brew Works, is a tribute to Beargrass Creek. It was done so as part of a celebration of the creek, and was recently served as part of a celebration of a new documentary about the creek titled, “Beargrass: The Creek in Your Backyard.” But there’s something else you should know: this beer was brewed using water taken from Beargrass Creek, the famously polluted body of water that runs through Louisville with 60-plus miles of watershed.

apocalypse-1Essentially, according to one of the creek’s many champions, it’s a reason to believe the creek, which feeds into the Ohio River just east of the Big Four Bridge, is still “alive.” The water was, of course, carefully filtered and sterilized, and the resulting beer was, well, decidedly un-creek-like.

Truly, the golden ale was medium to light in body, neither too sweet nor too hoppy, and all around the kind of beer one could drink for almost any occasion. Brewer Leah Dienes had brewed the beer once before, but found the latest batch to be improved thanks to what she believes was “softer” water. Word is, the beer has a future here in Louisville, although nothing is set in stone. Keep your eyes (and taste buds) peeled for more.