Brewgrass Homebrew Supply

Brewgrass Homebrew Supply


“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

IMG_3112I’m drinking a cold beer right now. It’s a golden lager with just the perfect mix of barley, hops, and yeast. When it comes to beer, a better alcoholic beverage simply doesn’t exist.

Whether you’re on a date, at a picnic, or mowing the lawn nothing quenches your thirst better. Recently though, I’ve thought about how much money I’ve spent on beer in my lifetime. If I had it all back I’d probably be rich with a big house. That’s when I realized that maybe it’s time to start brewing my own.

Getting Started

I recently spoke to John Ronayne, the owner of Brewgrass Homebrew Supply at 2227 South Preston Street. IMG_3111-1He filled me in on all the reasons to brew your own beer. It’s fun, creative, and you’ll always have your favorite drink in hand. It’s also cost efficient. Once you purchase the equipment needed to get started the cost per batch is relatively cheap.

There are several things to keep in mind when brewing for the first time, but the most important is sanitation. John says it’s very important to keep the brewing process free from unwanted bacteria. Next is patience. It takes 2-3 weeks until your final product.

Finally, keep your brewing process simple and organized. This will make for an easier and more enjoyable hobby, and it will reduce the likelihood of brewing errors. John is super helpful and I highly recommend contacting him if you’re interested in starting a great and delicious new hobby.

IMG_3109Every Wednesday he teaches a free Intro to Brewing class at his store. It’s very informative and may save you a lot of time and trouble. After all, nobody likes to pour a ruined batch of beer down the bathtub drain.

You can contact John at