Haymarket Whiskey Bar


“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.”

– Mark Twain

hm2Growing up in the Louisville area, it’s impossible not to learn a lot about two things, college basketball and whiskey. Both are taken very seriously not only for their enjoyment but also their money making potential. From an early age I remember my dad always had a bottle of vintage bourbon on top of the refrigerator. Whenever he’d pour himself some, I’d always smell it and think to myself, “Who can drink this crap?”

Now that I’ve gotten older, I’ve acquired a fondness for the taste and refinement of good bourbon. Finding good whiskey in our city is not a hard thing to do. We have a multitude of restaurants, bars, and private clubs that serve only the best that Kentucky has to offer.hm5

One of the better venue’s I’ve come across is Haymarket Whiskey Bar & Bottle Shop located on whiskey row at 331 East Market Street. Self-labeled as “Louisville’s only punk rock bourbon bar”, Haymarket has been hailed as one of the top bourbon bars in the country, and after hanging out there for a night I must agree! They offer an endless selection of american whiskeys, especially Kentucky bourbons. Their menu is the real deal with about 250 whiskeys, 150 unique bourbons, and a half dozen rotating beer taps.

In the back of the bar you’ll find a huge music hall that seats over 200 people and features both local and national touring talent of all genres. In my humble opinion, it’s easily one of the best places in town.

hm4Whether you live locally or you’re just passing though, I highly recommend a stop at Haymarket. If you have a favorite place let me know about so I can check it out. Until then, I gotta figure out a way to keep my dad out of my liquor closet.