Hookiebobb Beer at Great Flood Brewing


Have craft beer names jumped the shark? The money being poured into the industry has made a once-docile culture far more protective of its boundaries and far more litigious; with well over 4,000 breweries operating now, and all protective of their names and logos, it gets more difficult every day to name a beer for fear if legal ramifications.0724161526

So, what’s in a name, anyway? Well, recently, I dropped by one of my favorite local haunts, Great Flood Brewing Company in the Highlands, to enjoy a beer or two, and noted that thanks to a tap takeover there was a beer on tap called Crazy Mountain Hookiebobb. Yep, Hookiebobb. Normally, I would have stuck with a Great Flood Guardsman IPA or a Find-a-Way IPA, but I couldn’t help trying a pint of the unfortunately-monikered Hookiebobb (which kind of sounds like a rejected Appalachian Winter Olympics event).

0724161526b (1)

But this India pale ale, with three American hops and one Australian hop, certainly outpaces its goofy name, which apparently refers to the lost art of skiiers hanging onto the bumpers of cars to get a tow up the hill to ski lifts. Hookiebobb is a tasty summer IPA, for sure, light on the malts so that while bitter on the finish, it’s fairly easy drinking.

0724161525I didn’t stay long enough to try the other Crazy Mountain beers on top, like Mountain Livin’ Pale Ale and Lawyers, Guns, and Money, but I’m sure they were good, too. How could they not be, with such creative names? So, I guess what I’m saying is, don’t let the beer’s name fool you. Heck, as long as it’s a good brew, call it whatever you want. Cheers.