…or How I fell in love with my Harley

rickRick Link is not that big of a guy…I mean, he’s probably all of about 5’ 9’ maybe 5’10” in sneakers. But he’s probably going to appear a lot taller after he slips on some Harley-Davidson motorcycle boots, leather jacket, leather pants and a red head bandanna, standing next to his birthday gift from his wife,Lisa.

Yup, that was last January for his 60th birthday. Nice, expensive gift. How cool is it that your wife is that understanding that she orders up a Harley, has it shipped to the front door…without telling you and then it happens; the doorbell rings and the delivery guy asks you if you are who you are and says Happy Birthday..here’s the keys? It didn’t take him long to figure out that the bike on the trailer was his.


Strangely enough, Brando rode a Triumph in “The Wild Ones”

Now all he had to do was learn how to ride it. Which he did. He enrolled in one of the certified motorcycle riding schools, studied for the written exam, drove around red cones on a laid out course without letting his toes…er… boots hit the ground and now, all he has to do is get his permit, which he will by the time the Spring flowers are in full bloom.

Guys love motorcycles. I do. But I’m scared, as you know what, to consider my self talented enough to control one. Kind of like the same feeling I get whenever I daydream about getting my pilot’s license. No, no and no. But that’s part of the allure that most guys and gals get about owning and riding down the highway with Steppenwolf playing Born to be Wild in your ears. It’s like feeling like Brando in the film classic, The Wild One.imagejpeg_0 (1)

Rick Link has the mechanical mind to quickly understand and master the motorcycle. He owns PLC Consulting Corporation which lays out computer cad plans for huge industrial plants across the country and in the Kentucky region. Complicated stuff but he knows the business like the back of his hand. The same way he and his wife, Lisa will know the joys of riding together on a Kentucky Sunday morning back road on their Harley, with the wind in their face and getting farther away from the craziness of work and the suburbs.