…between a rock and a hard place

Located at the end of East Market street is a large tin building that looks like it used to be a warehouse for automobile parts…but as I pulled up closer to try and find a parking spot (unsuccessful), I noticed around 30 people…mostly ages 20-35 years old waiting to get inside the main door of Climb NuLu. Some of them were holding what looked to be like various climbing gear, skateboards (don’t know why) and everybody looked very strong. You have to be to climb, even a quarter of the way up on the artificial walls. So much for me even trying to think about lacing up the climbing shoes that you can buy there, climbing gear and climbing t shirts. That’s ok…I’m well out of their target audience. I wish I wasn’t, though.climb 2

It’s a great place to test your physical wits against a simulated mothered-natured mountain wall. There’s also about 15 inches of protective padding all around the climbing walls in case you slip and “fall” from the sky.

There’s great electronic music playing from the heavens, plenty of booths for vendors to sell things that would-be climbers need and want…there’s even a booth that was advertising some whisky or bourbon. I’m not sure how that got on the menu….perhaps for post climb courage or pre climb jitters…It didn’t look like any booze was being offered for consumption, just promoted. The owners of Climb NuLu certainly have their business heads together with memberships, yoga instruction, Kids Club, Kids Team, birthday parties, and Lock Ins at $300.00 per 15 climbers

imagejpeg_2Whether you’re a veteran climber or brand new and want to get into it, Climb NuLu is a great facility for your bouldering needs. Dare I say the best climbing gym in the Louisville metro for bouldering?

They set the problems well and there are plenty of problems at each grade to keep even the best climbers entertained. They are friendly to new climbers and include a nice tour on your first visit. So, guys, get over to this place, bring yer climbing gals and/or you might just meet somebody great on the rocks.