Hectare’s CBD Innovations


We attended Hectares rollout of a new line of CBD products on Wednesday, October 16th at Mesa Collaborative Restaurant in New Albany.

Hectare’s is an all-natural, THC Free CBD which prides itself on creating an Ultra Pure CBD Wellness Shot.

Hectare’s CBD Innovations is The New CBD on the Block. Their focus is in marketing an effective and affordable way to maximize your CBD consumption with the best tasting product on the market.

Their high performance products that are the first of their kind; Tune Up and Tone Down Wellness Shots! Tune Up targets adults disenfranchised with the energy drink industry and seeking a natural solution to enhance performance and well-being. Tone Down targets adults in need of a safe natural remedy to assist with a goodnight’s sleep.

Wednesday night’s event was to get together investors and partners to sample the products and let the media have access to the new products and the company’s principals.

CBD products are a hot commodity, especially in Kentucky these days as a traditional and historic producer of hemp and hemp products. Hectare’s intent is to bring a popular product to the market in a format that is very consumer friendly and solves some of the consumer concerns of other items on the market.

Hectare’s states, “We heard from avid CBD users, 3 areas of frustration in using CBD daily.  1) the tinctures were awkward to use, usually dispensed with a dropper from the bottle 2) the tinctures were difficult to properly proportion, (tincture squirt caps) and, 3) They tasted badly.  either with a gamey hemp taste or too much added mint.  At Hectare’s we have solved for these issues by creating a daily “CBD wellness shot” that is flavorful, familiar, and functional. We intend to partner with Rainbow Blossom and other retailers for launch activities and on-going events.”

Hectare’s CBD Tune Up is available in two flavors – Cold Brew and Citrus Berry. Cold Brew has 90 mg of caffeine, while Citrus Berry contains 80 mg (both derived from green coffee bean extract).  Hectare’s CBD Tone Down is also available in two flavors – Hibiscus and Chamomile.  These Tone Down flavors have 3 mg of added Melatonin and natural flavors. all flavors contain 33.4 mg of CBD and all Wellness Shots are THC Free.

The wellness shots are NOW available in many local outlets and sold online – www.Hectares.com.  The targeted retail price for each 2.5 oz. wellness is $4.99.

From Hectares:

We’re committed to providing natural, safe, and effective wellness solutions that you can trust.

All our formulations are crafted from Kentucky grown and processed hemp, made with the strictest attention to purity, safety, and sustainability. Our very name (a hectare is a traditional measure of land, about two and a half acres) is a tribute to the land and the people who care for it.

Dedicated to carrying forward a tradition of craftsmanship and integrity, we’re proud of our rich heritage and expertise in growing healthful, delicious products in some of the most fertile soil in the world under bright blue skies and perfect sunshine. Every step, from Seed to Shelf, is meticulously monitored and documented so you can be assured you’re getting a quality wellness hemp product.


Visit www.hectares.com for further information