The Paristown Barrel Roll


Here Comes Paristown!

Not familiar to you yet? No problem. You may not know that PARISTOWN will be the site of the second Kentucky Center for the Arts to the tune of $12 million dollars. That LOUISVILLE STONEWARE, a staple of Paristown since 1940 is spending $6 million to re-brand itself as The Stoneware Art Factory. That the state of Kentucky and Louisville Metro Government have commited some $2.2 million in improvements to the area.

Other venues are expected, such as Number 15, the first food hall in Kentucky. It is budgeted at $6.5 million and should start building this autumn and opening next October.

The idea is this – Celebrate and introduce you to Paristown the same way our favorite libations are introduced to us – Barrels! If it comes in a barrel, come out to the Paristown Barrel Roll!


Come Check Out Paristown

“In partnership with HB Productions, we are thrilled to host ‘The Barrel Roll’ – “a festival that is as unique and authentic as the historic Village of Paristown,” said Steve Smith, Managing Partner of Paristown.  “Louisvillians can expect to create many great memories at a variety of festivals, concerts and events in this revitalized cultural arts and entertainment district for many years to come.”

Trevor Cravens, HB Productions states, “Purveyors of beer, wines and spirits have given us so many wonderful creations to taste alone, or as a cocktail component, or a barrel aged beverage. We have great appreciation for all of these ideas brought to life, but we also like to imagine how these things come together.  Why do bourbon barrels produce great wines? What do reposado tequilas have to do with beer?”  Example: Taste a Spirit Neat, then a beer aged in the spirits barrel, then a mini cocktail made with the spirit!



WHAT:         A Tasting & Pairing Event Integrating ingredients, processes, passion of the Spirits Distillers, Wine Makers, Brewers including party food and live music.


WHEN:         Saturday, November 9

                        2pm – 6pm


WHERE:       Village of Paristown

                        Paristown Garden Space in front of Old Forester’s Paristown Hall

                         720 Brent Street



WHY:            To Celebrate All Things which come from a Barrel and benefit The Paristown Salon!


Paristown Salon Mission:

The Paristown Salon is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is influenced by the French Salons formed throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.  Often cited as “the birthplace of the Enlightenment Era,” these gatherings were always held under the roof of an inspiring host.

The Paristown Salon, continually strives to be an inspiring host to all who visit the historic community.  Donations help support the clean, safe and hospitable atmosphere all are welcome to enjoy. Paristown Salon funds are utilized for community education related to a wide variety of topics including the arts, gardening, sustainability and community service.   Community-wide engagement opportunities that bring exciting creativity and new ideas to the public sphere will also be a hallmark of The Paristown Salon. The Paristown Salon exists solely for the betterment of the Paristown area, with 100% of donations supporting that purpose.

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