Raven’s Lace PeachBerry Whiskey


I feel a little dirty just typing in the name of the product, you know? Their byline on the website reads: “Pretty as white lace, tempting as black”. Nothing wrong with it, but buying it, I kinda felt like a freckle faced, barefoot boy in overalls standing in the parlor of a fancy bordello in 1890 – like I was being exposed to something I didn’t quite understand but found imminently interesting. If that was the vibe you were going for, Heaven Hill, then kudos to you! 

I’m a little late to the game writing about this product since it apparently made its debut in 2015, but I was in Total Wine on Shelbyville Road his past week and caught a glimpse of some day-glo orange liquid on the endless shelves of brown water in the whiskey and bourbon area and went to investigate.

I found this….this, errrrr….. whiskey anomoly – Raven’s Lace PeachBerry Whiskey. I’ve nothing against flavored whiskey. Knob Creek has a Smokey Maple Whiskey that is just awesome in my opinion and Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey is a fantastic drink in it’s own right. Raven’s Lace is something different than these.

What I found was that it was priced at $6.99, and a hang tag offered a $10 rebate per bottle with a limit of 2 per household. By my reckoning, they were willing to PAY ME $3.00 per bottle to drink this whiskey. I majored in business LAW rather than accounting because – no algebra. But even I could do the math on this offer, so I bought 2.

As I am wont to say – this libation is 60 proof, so it is AT LEAST 30% great because, well, let’s give alcohol its due. Agreed? 

This drink is like getting all the marshmallow charms out of “Lucky Charms” and eating them all at once. And yes, I know this is a thing now. General Mills is actually giving out full boxes of nothing but the “charms”. However, I have not seen all the reviews about how GREAT it is to eat a bowl full of nothing but the “charms”, because, guess why? If they are ALL charms, then NONE are charms.

IT. IS. SWEET! And by sweet, I mean SWEET! not “sweet” in the modern vernacular! This from a guy that drinks cider beers, so sweet is OK by me.

My advise is to view this as an alcohol delivery device. Much like grape flavored Tylenol for the kiddies. The kids are too young to realize the benefits of tylenol when they need it, so they flavor it to make it more palatable. Ravens Lace is for those folks who don’t yet realize how much better their lives will be with bourbon and whiskey, so Heaven Hill is making it a little easier for them to accept the efficacy of bourbon drinking. 

Here’s a link to a story about this whiskey that was somewhat more forward, but less kind than mine: 

I think it could be employed to good effect as a mixed drink for non-drinkers. As a matter of fact, if you visit their website, the links there will take you directly to mix recipes. 

I’m a marketing guy from way back, so I love seeing how the distillers of today are wringing every last dime out of the bourbon/whiskey craze – I can’t hate them, and I admit there is probably a place for this on your shelf, but as a Kentuckian, I can’t actually admit that.

All kidding aside – no really, I can’t leave all kidding aside, but if they are going to pay you to drink it, I would go ahead and buy this product.