Parkside Bikes


With summer soon break away to the cool breeze of fall, there is no better time to take up mountain biking. Although Louisville has many great bike shops to offer, one in particular has the best selection of mountain bikes for both the avid enthusiast and the novice beginner.

New PictureParkside Bikes, on Grinstead Drive, offers a wide variety of Bikes as well as gear; the range for these bikes spans from $450 to $1,500. “For the beginner, I would go with the Giant ATX 459 model. It’s tough and will do what you need it to do.” Said Ben, one of the specialists at Parkside. “If you’re looking to up your game the Pitch made by Specialized is the way to go, and if you’re really serious, the Thunderbolt made by Rocky Mountain is the number one choice for serious bikers.” Along with an affordable range of high quality bikes, Parkside carries gear for all riders without sacrificing quality.

From Giro helmets that run from $40 to $90 to Specialized brand apparel, Parkside has it all. “Last but not least,” said Ben, “you’ll need a flat repair kit for anything that may come up during your excursion.”

With its convenient location between two parks (Cherokee and Irish Hill) that hold numerous biking trails, you couldn’t wish for a bike store more suited to the need of all bikers from the novice to the expert