Evolve Men’s resale


The back story:

Last year I had cancer. I did chemotherapy and survived. I am happily obligated to state my gratitude and humility to be so blessed and I’m at your service to talk with you about your own struggle with cancer if you wish. BUT, it presented a few first-world problems.

I say “first-world” because simply surviving is beyond the capabilities of most of the world. I lost some 40 pounds and my clothing no longer fits! Let me emphasize – I DO NOT recommend my weight loss program!

My sweetheart invited me to an independent movie screening. She said  “it’s not formal” HA! That means absolutely NOTHING to me!

I tried to explain to her the “man rules” of levels of dress so she would know the un-godly pressure she had just pressed upon me!

There is:

Formal – that’s the easiest – a tux.

Semi-formal – a suit.

Business – suit OR sport coat with tie, buttoned up or not depending on your age and rank.

Business casual – means NOTHING. It can mean anything from “business” with a loose tie, to dress pants and a polo. This is where it gets complicated because after this is “casual” which means anything from a wife-beater with cut-offs or better. 

“Business Casual” is a trap. It’s like “give me your opinion on…”. You can wear nearly ANYTHING, but whatever you wear makes a statement about:

1. Who you are with.

2. The event you are attending.

3. The importance to you personally.

4. Your personal style and standards.

The bottom line is – BE CAREFUL!

Back to the problem: My clothes no longer fit. I didn’t want to buy new clothes yet because I am gaining back some weight but I have not yet leveled out.

I wanted to go shirt-tail out, jeans and a sport coat. Owing to my age, I can get away with that, (call me if you want guidance on that). There are SO MANY more options – shoes, socks or no, collared shirt or a high-dollar T. My problem – no sport coat that fits.

If I were 10 years on, a loose fitting sport coat might pass, but no. I need to look like I wear a sharp sport coat or suit EVERY DAY, (even if I don’t) and the only adjustment I have made is to throw on one of my tailored suit coats or sport coats as I got up from binge watching some Netflix shows to attend your important event.

So, I visited Evolve Men’s Resale Store at 2416 Frankfort Avenue .

Evolve is a different kind of resale store. Now – DO NOT imagine it is anything like a Goodwill store. Not that I am impugning a Goodwill store, because I have found some absolute ART at Goodwill, but I digress – the clothing at Evolve has been absolutely curated by some of the most stylish men I know in Louisville. They won’t take just anything.

Anyway, not knowing this, I stopped in with low expectations and was surprised to see modern, stylish, and top designer clothing of VERY high quality, indistinguishable from new, but less than half the price.

I just needed a simple blue blazer to match with my jeans and dress shirt. Fortunately, after spending a bunch of money on shirts, pants and a belt beyond the purview of my original search, I did indeed find the exact thing I was searching for.

Perhaps you think I am employing some artistic license, but NO! A Ralph Lauren Navy sport coat in 46 regular. I could hardly believe it myself after finding it being worn by a perfect bodied manequin in the store! The jacket was like new, no wear at all, all buttons intact, lining intact, no problems whatsoever. $45. A third of the new price.

This is no guarantee that you will find exactly what you are looking for, but having witnessed them take in some consignments while I was in the store, I can tell you Brett Howard, the owner, is VERY discerning and very particular about brands, condition, and desirability of the pieces he takes in, so I can say with some certainty that you will be happy with the clothing they offer.

If you are a man interested in style and fashion, stop by to have a look, even if you are not in the habit of shopping consignments. I think you will find something here you just can’t pass up.