Cigarology 102 – How To Cut Your Cigar


Cigar smoking begins with a few rituals that involve cutting, toasting and lighting. Lee spends a little time talking about cutting you cigar. 

If you are a beginning smoker, maybe you think it doesn’t make that much difference, but not so fast. Cigar smoking is all about PLEASURE and if you think about the most pleasureable things in your life, you will quickly realize that preparation and attention to detail contribute exponentially to your appreciation of these delectable parts of life. So, PAY ATTENTION! You may only appreciate it later.

First, using your cigar cutter of choice (although we prefer the guillotine), make a deft cut or opening at the head of the cigar – that is, the closed end the cigar. Do this at, or above the seam you will see at the shoulder, or sloped part of the head.

When cutting a cigar, if you cut too far down into the cigar, below the seam, the entire cigar could unravel, so be carefiul where you make your cut.

Now, before you light it, , put the cigar to your lips and draw through it. It should draw smoothly. If not, it is too tightly rolled im which case, you may as well get a new cigar because things will not get better from here. OR try making a larger cut to allow more air flow, but as we have said – cut to far and you risk the cigar unraveling.

All this just for cutting? Werll, yes. Why do this halfway?

Next – lighting your cigar.