Crescent Hill Craft House


Recently I had dinner with my sweetheart at the Crescent Hill Craft House and thought I would let you in on, or simply remind you of, this quintessential, yet extraordinary neighborhood bar / restaurant.

Quintessential because it has what every great neighborhood bar has – beer. Extraordinary because there are 44 BEERS ON TAP! Bourbon and whiskey too – 60+ OF THEM. Bar food. Well, yes, I suppose it IS bar food, but only because it’s food and it’s in a bar.

The Craft house opens at 4 weekdays and noon on Saturday. They have a brunch on  Sundays as well. One thing I LOVE about the Craft House are the huge windows in front that are wide open to the sidewalk and street on temperate days. It’s sort of “ demi al fresco”. I made that up, so if it sounds stupid, well, there you go. Anyway, if you want to go full-bore al fresco, there is a beautiful patio out back where you may enjoy the sounds of nature and Clifton while you dine.

The dishes are well thought out and created with an eye towards both modern and traditional tastes including a nice selection of vegetarian, vegan, organic and gluten-free dishes. In other words, if want vegan or vegetarian, they are not going to simply point you to the salad menu. I would be shocked if anyone could not find something to their liking on this menu.

By the way, here’s a caveat. It seems I always have a caveat – I am no foodie. But, I’m a picky eater from waaaay back, so that makes me more of an expert than you! HA! Not really, but it is sort of the same thing. We both end up with just a few things we really like and a bunch of stuff we DON’T like. Having said that, I’m impressed with the relative universal appeal of ALL the new creations from Chef Charles.

Charles Patterson, a favorite son of Charleston, South Carolina’s Charleston Cooking School is the new Head Chef at the Crescent Hill Craft House. Charles has been cooking for some 30 years having started his career by breaking his mama’s heart – sneaking out nights to cook at Landsdown Country Club instead of running the street like his contemporaries. This is his first menu re-vamping in this position which he has held since April 2018.

Chef Charles has taken some pains and taken his time to learn Louisville and Crescent Hill before endeavoring to re-create the menu for summer. He’ll do the same come cooler weather, with some new offerings. Some of the new plates are:

Pan Blackened Arctic Salmon with collard greens in creamy creole parmesan sauce and Crostini

Grilled Cauliflower Steak Asian BBQ sauce, orzo, red quinoa and roasted vegetable salad

The Night After Detox Salad baby kale, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, quinoa, heirloom carrots, dried cranberries, roasted super seed mix, herb lemon vin.

Check out the full menu below. Extra credit for matching up items with the photo montage!

But I must tell you – the Tortellini Oh Mio Dio is my favorite – sautéed chicken breast, andouille sausage, portabella mushrooms, organic sun dried tomatoes, lightly spiced parmesan cheese sauce and concannon petite sirah.

We’ll be reporting on other great stops on the Frankfort Avenue restaurant corridor, but Craft House is a staple that can stand up to the scrutiny of your most discerning guests – business or pleasure.

If it’s your first visit, you are in for a treat, if you just forgot about it…..you’re welcome.