O.Z. Tyler Tasting With the Bourbon Brotherhood


The distillery producing O.Z. Tyler products today has been in operation for some 130 years. In it’s infancy, the distillery was known as Eagle Distillery built in the small town of Birk City, Kentucky. Birk City is on the Green River in western Daviess County. T.J. Monarch and his brothers were the largest bourbon distillers in Kentucky before the turn of the century.

Things went great for the next 40 years or so, until a fire destroyed the entire operation in 1918. Then, in 1920 prohibition burned down any hope of a resurrection.

In 1939 and after a move to Owensboro, Kentucky, the Medley family took the distillery through several owners over the next 70 years. Some of the brands to come out of that distillery over the years were:

  • Green River
  • Ezra Brooks
  • Mellow Corn
  • Medley Brothers
  • Kentucky Beau
  • Old Medley
  • Five Brothers

Finally, in 2014 it was purchased by TerrePURE® Kentucky Distillers, Inc., a subsidiary of Terressentia Corporation and began renovations. 

Ron Call, a Master Distiller with 40 years of experience at Jim Beam Brands and Florida Caribbean Distillers, consulted on the project and Ron’s son Jacob Call is brought in to oversee the extensive renovation and ultimately manage distillery operations.


The significance of this purchase is the proprietary process used to filter all O.Z. Tyler’s products. From their website:


Our O.Z. Tyler® whiskey products, like all distilled spirits made by parent company Terressentia, are refined with the patented TerrePURE®process. TerrePURE® is an all-natural process that utilizes ultrasonic energy, heat, and oxygen to dramatically improve the quality and taste of distilled spirits. It works by removing harsh-tasting impurities (“congeners“) present in all spirits, revealing the pleasant taste and aroma of the underlying distillate without the need for extensive barrel aging.

For brown spirits, such as bourbon and other traditionally-aged whiskeys, the result is a rapid filtration that results in taste and quality levels that would otherwise take 4-6 years. All of our whiskeys are traditionally crafted and barrel-aged prior to being processed with TerrePURE®.

In spirits such as vodkas, gins, rums, and tequila, processing with TerrePURE® results in a more pleasant aroma, reduced alcoholic “burn” or “bite,” and much better mouth feel.

Spirits that have been refined with the TerrePURE® process have won numerous medals for their superior quality in national and international taste competitions. These competitions have included consumer preferences, professional tasters, and completely blind taste tests.

Learn more about TerrePURE® here

The Bourbon Brotherhood sponsored a tasting Wednesday, January 23rd, where we were able to evaluate O.Z. Tyler’s whiskies both before and after the process as well as a honey flavored offering.

Terressentia has a legitimate link to the great whiskey-making past of Kentucky, while they are making a new name for themselves in this industry. The company plans to make traditional bourbon and rye, some of which it will subject to its TerrePURE process. It will compete in the bulk whiskey market with MGP, and probably develop its own brands eventually. It is not open to the public right now, but a visitors center and participation in the Kentucky Bourbon Trail are in the cards.