Copper & Kings Cocktails for Winter


Copper & Kings here in Louisville are big on cocktails. Especially their crafted Brandies which are the ultimate foundation for your favorite mixtures. Here’s a selection for those coming days of cabin fever while trying to escape the cold. from the Copper & Kings website:

The art of mixed drinks, fancy drinks, concoctions, or more commonly now – cocktails – is a uniquely American culinary art. In the same way jazz, rock and roll, hip hop and rap have spread around the globe, we see the mixologist’s art spreading around the world.

The original cocktails were brandy expressions. We see cocktails similar to songs, the collection and layering of flavors as musical notes, in an imaginative refreshing liquid.

We are proud to introduce you to some brandy classics, rock a few cover versions as creative derivatives of other spirit standards, and to inject some energy through our own indie inspired creative concoctions.

Try these and check out more recipes here.  

Apple Toddy

2 oz Copper & Kings American Apple Brandy

.5 oz honey syrup

Hot water


  • Combine ingredients in a coffee mug. Add a quarter of a peeled apple. Pour hot water in to the mug.  Grate nutmeg on top


Keeping Warm

1 oz Copper & Kings American Craft Brandy

1 oz Jamaican rum

.5 oz orange curaçao

.5 oz lemon juice

.25 oz apple juice

.5 oz agave syrup

  • Combine ingredients in an Irish coffee glass.  Top with hot water. Garnish with a lemon twist.


Brandy Alexander

1.5 oz Ballotin Original Chocolate Whiskey

1.5 oz Copper & Kings Craft Brandy

1 oz cream

  • Shake in mixing tin with ice.  Strain into a Manhattan glass. Garnish with fresh nutmeg