Floyd County Brewing Company Icarus IPA


Anytime I hear the name Icarus, a winged human from Greek mythology, I can’t help but thinking of Iron Maiden’s “Flight of Icarus.” I remember hearing that as a teen-ager and finally really getting an idea of what heavy metal music was. The chunking rhythms, screamy vocals and heavy mood sort of floored me.

I’m not going to say Icarus IPA, by Floyd County Brewing Company, floored me, but I certainly enjoyed the pint I had on a recent afternoon when I happened to stop in. Served in a goblet-like vessel, the beer offered up just what you want from an IPA: piney, citrusy notes on the nose, followed by a sweet malt backbone in the flavor. On the finish, the piney bitterness brings it full circle, but stops at going too far – Icarus is nicely balanced, right down the middle.

What I found interesting is that the menu board claims the beer was brewed with hops grown in Indiana. The prevalence of hop farms is growing slowly in the Midwest, but it’s good to know it’s happening. Honestly, as far as I know, those were the first Indiana hops I’ve ever tasted – and I’m not even sure what kind they were. Chinook, perhaps?

Regardless, if you’re in New Albany, stop in and grab an Icarus. Then ask the bartender if he or she has any Iron Maiden to spin. Hey, several of the brewery’s products are named after rock bands, so you never know.