Derby City Chop Shop


The great comedian Gary Shandling once said, “It’s not the hair on your head that matters. It’s the kind of hair you have inside.” As true as that is (whatever it means) the hair on your head is what people see first, especially those hot females you may want to impress. So it’s important to look your best and getting a proper haircut from a qualified barber is a great start.

img_2004To be fair, I’m guilty of not taking my own advice. My life often gets to busy, or I’m to broke, to get a quality hair-cut. You’ll find me at Great Clips sitting in the boring waiting area watching an episode of Ellen. I leave with a haircut, but it’s rarely one that I’m happy with. However, I’m proud to say that after this story I’m a changed man.

I visited two of the top-rated barbershops in Louisville. The Derby City Chop Shop located in the Highlands, and Market Street Barbers located in the East Market District.

Both have high ratings on Yelp and both had a lot of customers when I stopped in for visits.


Personally, there was something about the Derby City Chop Shop that I found comforting. img_2012This place has the same feel as the barbershop my dad took me to when I was a kid. Men cutting men’s hair while telling stories and busting balls. Comparatively,

Market Street Barbers has more of a salon feel, but it’s a bad-ass salon. With the motorcycle in the front window you know that you’re walking into a man-friendly zone and that you’re leaving with a high quality trim.

The Derby City Chop Shop is located at 1233 Bardstown Road. They take walk-ups only and open at 10am Monday-Friday. Market Street Barbers is located at 748 E Market

Street. You can walk up or schedule an appointment. They open at 10am Tuesday-