Mile Wide Beer Co. Buku


Ever taste a beer and think, “This beer must have been made by the gods”? Yeah, neither have I; that’s just over the top. But Buku from Mile Wide Beer Co. is a damn good beer.

For starters, the cartoon guy on the cover looks like a Batman villain, which is eminently interesting and cool. But this limited release checks all the boxes for an imperial stout, from the color that is as black as a politician’s soul, to a big chocolaty nose, to a rich thick body and bold flavor profile with all kinds of roastiness.

At 12.5 percent alcohol by volume, it’s certainly boozy, but not distractingly so. It’s just a beautiful, big, complex and yet comforting beer. It just plays well with taste buds, you know? All that said, it was a limited edition release, and I only bought one bottle. Will the guys at Mile Wide make another batch next year? We can hope.

Meanwhile, you probably know that people hoard beers these days. Maybe they just like to admire them, and I know they often will use them for trade bait for other beers they want to admire. If you can somehow wrangle one from that asshole, do it. You won’t be sad about pulling the trigger on that one. Lord knows, I wouldn’t. Hell, who am I kidding? Maybe this beer was made by the freaking gods.