The Great French Whiskey Heist


Aside from us both having a very cosmopolitan town named Paris you would not think that Kentucky and France had a lot in common. Au contraire mon frere! You forgot about….


Like the rest of the world who has fallen in love with our native brown water, the Gauls have become infatuated with it as well. To wit- this nearly million dollar whiskey heist in the French capital.

Now you might be forgiven for thinking that a bottle of 23-year-old Pappy’s is the top of the mark. The best to be had. And in my estimation you would be just about right. However, the French can overdo nearly anything ….and with nothing to show for it!

It seems that only 69 bottles spirited away in some gym bags ran the tab up to $800,000 ! Which, by the way, did NOT include A bottle of Isabella Islay Whiskey in a bottle decorated in diamonds and rubys valued at over $6 million. That’s right. They left it behind. And they call US hillbillies.

Anyway, the theft took place in the wee hours of Sunday morning at the Maison du Whiskey store Just around the corner from the French president’s palace.

Among the treasures these clever fellows made off with was “The Squirrel”, one of the 41 bottles in the world of 1960 karuizawa Japanese whiskey – The oldest Japanese single malt ever bottled and it comes with a little gold carving dangling about its neck – hence “The Squirrel”. The French police have valued it at over $200,000. (I told you the French can overdo anything).

The story of  Karuizawa whiskey is that the distillery was founded in 1955 in a summer resort area and produced single malts aged 12, 15 and 17 years, but the distillery closed for good in November 2011 and all the stock was sold in 2012. The water from nearby mountains and the sherry barrels used for aging gave it a distinctive taste according to Japan’s Whiskey Magazine.

So far neither the police nor the store have given a statement about the heist, so it could show up at a corner liquor store in that “other” Paris before long.