Bourbon Classic


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Kristen Baumgartner and Josh Hollifield
Kentucky Center for the Arts
Brooke Miller and Bridgette Iles
food galore
Stacy Stewart with 610 Magnolia
Paul Beam & Maggie Kimberl (502girl)
Peerless Rye Ambassadors
Mike Woods - Sips Suds and Smokes
Michael OFlaherty and Raven Parker
Luke Griggs and Shelley Brown
Limestone Distillery and Old Yellowstone
Karen Harvey and Susannah Hubler
Lauren Broadus Tiara Chatma
Alicia @bourbonsipper instagram
Caleb Kilburn, Haley Routt, Tara Bowling, Cordell Lawerence
Judy & Rick Eldridge
Bill and Steven Block
Justin Keating & Aaron Lawerence
Kathleen & Matt Westfall