Akasha Brewing Kiss of Moher Stout



Head brewer and co-owner of Akasha Brewing Company Rick Stidham described Kiss of Moher as, “Everything Guinness is but more of it.” That’s a fine pursuit in a beer, and the brewery pulled it off nicely.

I stopped in the day of the release, and got a pint (OK, two) of the dry Irish stout, and it is almost precisely what Stidham said, the one difference being that Kiss of Moher is carbonated and not nitrogenated. That just means it’s less creamy, more crisp, and the body feels a tad lighter on the palate.

But there’s no shortage of roasted malt and coffee aromas in the nose, not to mention flavors on the palate. And it certainly goes a farther distance than the long-time classic Guinness, but without getting overwhelming. To my palate, it was somewhere between Guinness and O’Hara’s Irish Stout, another favorite of mine, particularly in cold, winter months.

Finally, at 5.1 percent alcohol by volume, you can have two or three without getting too buzzed. I certainly hope this one sticks around a while.